Jessica Moore finds herself in any girls dream position...meeting One Direction.

For her 18th birthday her two best friends Alyssia and Megan arrange a special day out, but when things go from bad to worse, what will she decide? What seems like the perfect position may backfire as easily as it all started...


1. An Early Morning Surprise

It’s time to get up in the morning, got McDonalds breakfast for you…

Groaning, I rolled over on my bed, unearthed my arm from my cocoon of sleep and hit the ‘snooze’ button on my alarm. That’s funny, I don’t remember setting an alarm… My eyes only just managing to strain open, I squinted at the fluorescent red numbers, gleaming away from before me
“3am?” I muttered, questioning my sanity, I pinched myself to make sure I was getting this right “Ouch!” I protested, annoyed at myself now for being so stupid. “3am?! The hell?” I moaned and grumbled away again before turning onto my back now to face my ceiling. I immediately met the gazes of the angelic posters that are mounted on my ceiling – just to clarify, I’m not a stalker. And I’m definitely not obsessed! I just have…a lot of posters…so many so that I can’t fit them all on my bedroom walls alone. I was just drifting off again when…

“HEY GUUUURRL! You better not be sleeping again!” Alyssia came bounding through my doors, flicking my light switch on and throwing herself onto my bed, consequently both blinding and squishing me to death all in one flowing action.

“Alyssia get off of me!” I howled out in pain “oh and touch my alarm again and I will break you” I half threatened half yawned. I was way too tired to be dealing with her enthusiasm.

“No can do I’m afraid” she simply smiled at me. Why was she so…happy? Being up at this time is neither thrilling nor exciting. Let alone something to be ecstatic about. “Be downstairs in 30 minutes. Wear something comfortable, it’ll be a long ride!”

“But it’s only–”

“No questions. Now, move!” And with that she yanked my duvet off my bed, depriving me of the little warmth I had managed to muster up in my sleep, considering it’s now mid-January ad snowing outside. Is she trying to kill me? Actually, best not answer that question…


“Fine, you win. I won’t sleep on this hell bound car journey if that’s what you really want" I said, trying to sound as cheesed off as possible “so, you planning on fill me in here or? Alyssia?” Liss didn’t even acknowledge me as she indicated to turn into the service station, presumably so we could get breakfast now it was nearing 8am.

“Okay okay okay” Liss eventually sighed “I’ll tell you when we’ve stopped, but for now, I’ve got a surprise for you. Get out of the ruddy car!” A grin invaded her stupidly pretty face.


Let me tell you a little bit about Alyssia Walker (known forever as Liss). You heard of Eleanor Calder? She’s taller. Russell Howard? Funnier. Perrie Edwards? Prettier. Jessica Moore – a.k.a myself? Weirder. So much weirder. Overall, best person anyone could possibly ever meet.


“What on earth are you doing here?!” I said a tad shocked, completely bewildered by the appearance of my other best friend Meg Whitehall and my boyfriend Jack Whitehall. Brother and sister, nothing alike whatsoever. “You’re meant to be in London spending the next few weeks with your dad?!” Their parents recently split; long, complicated and quite simply messy story.

“Yeah well I couldn’t miss your birthday surprise now could I? I mean c’mon J, you’re turning 18. What sort of best friend would I be if I didn’t take you out and buy you your first legal drink?” She winked at this last part, clearly knows me way too well.

“And I” I felt a voice closing in, whispering in my ear “just couldn’t stay away” Jack’s arms were now completely wrapped around my waist, head resting over my shoulder.

“You’re supposed to be out on tour mister” I smiled, playfully tapping his nose with my finger as I swivelled around to face him. His face screwed up as I did so, my heart literally melted.

“I am, but I can always make even a few minutes to see my little angel”

“So when are you leaving” I said, gazing into his piercing blue eyes which were, may I say, looking as adorably attractive as ever

“Urm, well about that,” he hesitated, now letting go of me and scratching the back of his head with his hand “I gotta go, like, now”

“Oh” I said “you’re not staying for my birthday surprise, whatever the hell it is” I muttered towards the end

“No, I’m just chauffeur for Meg” I giggled slightly “But I’ll come see you as soon as I can okay? I love you” he grinned, pulling me in closer again now and planting a soft kiss on my lips

“Yeah, but I love you more Jackypoo!” He smiled back over his shoulder as he headed towards his car, and got in “I’m gonna miss you” I sighed softly under my breath as he drove off once again


Okay, so let me fill you in. Jack Whitehall, new star of his own TV show Bad Education. Amazing comedian; currently on his first UK tour. Most hilarious guy you’ll ever meet, and all mine. Older brother to Meg Whitehall who is one of my two best friends. More formally known as the criminal mastermind. Don’t get her wrong, she’s lovely and looks like an innocent and pretty teenage girl, but what you don’t know definitely does harm you as I am now regretfully informing you that she has currently been banned from 2 Tesco’s, a Sainsbury’s and 3 Co-op’s. She doesn’t steal, course not, but who doesn’t get slightly peckish during a long 2 hours of food shopping? That’s what we love about her though I guess.

Myself, Liss and Meg have known each other for roughly 10 years now? I moved to Blackley primary school in Torquay, from Chelsea, when I was 8 and to be honest didn’t fit in with my ridiculously broad Geordie accent, but Liss and Meg - being the two sexy beasts that they are - helped me settle down. From then on we stuck to each other like flippin’ superglue, you know when no matter how hard you try to get rid of it, it doesn’t budge? Yep. That’s what we’re like to each other. We all moved to Higher Blackley Academy together and are now finishing off our last year of college.


“WE’RE WHAT?!” I was now stood in the middle of McDonalds, all eyes glaring at me because of my screaming voice that was suddenly about 10 octaves higher. My mouth must have been open like a mindless, gawping fish. 

“Jessica Moore, in the decade I have known you, and the ongoing fan girl episode that has pulled us closer as friends, would I really lie to you?”

“HOLY CRAP GUYS” Liss and Meg now just simply nodded; at least they were managing to contain their excitement 

That’s right, you heard correctly. In 24 hours or so, I shall be meeting the sex gods and fantasy targets of the majority of teenage girls from across the globe.

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