Jessica Moore finds herself in any girls dream position...meeting One Direction.

For her 18th birthday her two best friends Alyssia and Megan arrange a special day out, but when things go from bad to worse, what will she decide? What seems like the perfect position may backfire as easily as it all started...


7. A Night To Forget, Preferably


“You guys look stunning!” I said, finally appearing from in my bedroom doorway, I was always the last to be ready. Meg was stood there in a small red number that clung to her figure perfectly, extending her already long legs with her hair pinned back. Liss turned to face me, she was in a deep purple shirt, black skirt and tights with a pair of high heeled boots...great. Firstly they show me up, standing there looking all perfect, and secondly? I’m going to look like a midget.

“Excellent taste in fashion if I do say so myself” Meg winked, elbowing lightly in the stomach as I was now wearing the dress she gave me this morning


“Harry!” Meg suddenly started grinning, and as she was the only one out of us three that wasn’t wearing heels, legged it down the stairs and out to meet a certain curly haired boy that already had his arms flung open waiting for her.

“If they don’t get together, then there’s no hope for any of us” I sighed to Liss who was nodding in total agreement.

Niall’s P.O.V.

I got out of the car to greet the girls. First of all Meg appeared who immediately threw herself at Harry, he was completely smitten for her, no questions asked. Liss followed closely behind her, she greeted me, Zayn and Louis before going to hug Liam, I haven’t seen him this happy since before the whole Danielle scenario...

“Where’s Jess?” I asked her as she wafted by

“Oh she’s just locking up; she’ll be down in a sec” she smiled sweetly at me. I turned to talk to Zayn who was still sat in the car, window rolled down “I’m nervous” I confessed shyly

“Mate what do you have to lose? She already loves us, you like her, just do what you have to do okay?” I nodded as I felt a small hand tap on my shoulder.

“You look...gorgeous” I finally managed to speak, pull yourself together man. She blushed as she brushed a long and loose curl out of her face, god I loved it when she did that

“Urm thanks Niall” she said, eventually making eye contact with me and smiling. She was wearing a short black dress that showed off her figure - I say that in a completely non pervy I promise - she had curled her hair again and was wearing a pair of black heels, but she was still shorter than me “You’re looking rather dashing yourself blondie, suited up I see?”

“A man’s gotta make an effort occasionally” I smiled down at her, she was just always so easygoing. She’s a massive fan of our music that doesn’t fan girl in my face, and despite being slim, can eat just as much as I could. That’s hard to find now One Direction has gone global, and I wasn’t prepared to let her slip away without a fight.

Jess’ P.O.V.

We waded our way through the sea of bustling people that had collected in Edwards’ night club - which was according to Harry, the place to be - we found an empty booth and sat there for a moment or two just soaking up the atmosphere


After finally getting a first round of drinks down our necks the DJ announced the next song...We didn’t even have to say a single word to each other as me, Liss and Meg just grinned at each other before letting out an excited little squeal. After extensive hours of zumba p.e lessons at school, ‘Sexy and I Know It’ was officially our personal little anthem.

“We’re dancing. Now.” Liss said, careless as to the boys now confused expressions, grabbing mine and Meg’s wrist and shuffling her way through the crowd to the centre of the dance floor. We are gonna own this.

A few minutes later, when the next song came on, the boys finally got up and joined us. Niall came up to me as casually as ever and began dancing, he looked like he wanted to get something off his mind, but being blissfully unaware of his emotions Liss dragged me off to the toilets after a half hours worth of raving which was a good thing I guess cause my feet were killing me and I needed to majorly readjust my makeup.

I slid my shoes off and placed them next to me on the worktop where I was now sat. Liss began applying more mascara to her already enormous lashes

“Having a good birthday?” She asked me, but she already knew the answer to that 

“The best” I replied, contemplating the fact that One Direction are just outside these toilets, awaiting our return as I was sat here rubbing my sore feet...

I eventually slid back off the counter, placed my shoes back on and grabbed my makeup out of my bag. My mouth was hung open like a dead fish as I redid my eyeliner, Liss turned to me and laughed

“Looking hot!” She smiled and winked, “Oi fucktard, mind if I go back out? I miss Liam…” She sighed. I nodded, without taking my eyes off the mirror so I didn’t mess my makeup up.

“Sure thing smelly, see you in a second” I smiled as she left the room. I finished my makeup and ruffled my hair up a bit, stepped back and looked at myself in the mirror before heading towards the door. Pushing the door open, my ears were immediately swamped by the loud music that flooded into them, I was so not used to this. I spotted Niall and the others; he did look particularly hot tonight, and headed in their general direction. The club had gotten significantly busier since I left it so I began pushing past people shyly, apologising at every given opportunity. I looked down at the floor for only a moment and as I did, I felt myself walk into a tall, dark figure. I saw the feet before the face. Looking up to see a man, roughly in his late twenties snarling down at me.

“Sorry” I mumbled and tried to push past him, but his iron fist grabbed my wrist, preventing me from moving any further.

“Don’t worry darling” He gave me a rather slimy smile. His eyes slowly searched down my body, and then back up, resting on my chest where I could feel my new locket dazzling, before snapping up to look me in the eye. His eyes were cold, lifeless and empty. I could feel my heart banging against my ribs as I stood there, frozen to the spot with fear. My hands trembled in his strong, threatening grip that he had around my wrist.

“You’re looking… lovely” He said slowly

“Erm thanks” I stuttered, I’ve never been good at receiving compliments “I have to go now” I said, still terrified. I managed to snap my hand quickly out of his grip but before I could move, he spoke again. 

“You’re looking like you need a bit of fresh air” His deep voice shook me to my core “Why don’t you step outside with me and cool down?”

“No I’m alright thanks” I said as politely as possible whilst trying to get Niall’s attention. He spun me around and with his hand on my back began walking me out towards the door “Get off!” I screamed, but I could barely hear my own voice above the noise, no one else was going to hear me. He said nothing as I looked up to his face. His eyes had lit up with pure evil as his grip tightened around my small wrist. I threw myself forward in the direction of my friends, but I had nothing on the man’s strength so my friends were left none the wiser. 

“NIALL” I screamed, but yet again, no one heard. I threw myself forward one more time, tugging at a tiny piece of his top I had managed to get hold of as the stranger began pulling me backwards again. He turned to face me swiftly, at first with a happy look on his face, but then he must have realised that I was being dragged away because his face turned to pure horror.

The man’s arms were enclosed around my waist, pulling me away, faster and faster. Niall leapt towards us with Harry and Liam right behind him, but due to the sheer density of the crowds, I lost sight of them. I faintly heard the noise of Niall’s screaming over the noise of the music as tears streamed down my face, must have been black with makeup. I tried as much as physically possible to get the stranger to loosen the grip he had on me but I was much too weak. I was officially helpless.


The cold air hit me like a thousand bullets as he dragged me out into the freezing night. 

“Get off!” I screamed, thrashing around violently under the grip of his hands. He said nothing. “Get off me!” I screamed again. It was hopeless. “Help!” I pleaded with anyone who would listen, but no one would... The stranger had now dragged me around a corner into a dark, secluded alley. It was cold and I could see the condensation from my fast, pathetic breaths in front of me.

“Shut up!” He growled at me in a gruff monotone voice, as he clamped my mouth shut with one of his ice cold hands so that I was completely muted “shut up and stop moving and I won’t hurt you” he smiled a little, it made me feel physically sick. He was now crushing my weakened body between the hard stone wall and his gigantically built frame. I could do nothing but to oblige to what he wanted, so I let my body flop lifeless against his and with one jerked movement, turned my head to look him in the eyes. I continued to make little yelps every time the man’s hands touched my bare skin and as he began unzipping my dress, but hardly enough for anyone to hear.

I let my mind wonder...where the hell was Niall. Why hadn’t he found me yet? I was now trembling in the night and had ice cold tears trickling and freezing against my pale cheeks.

My breath quickened and my eyes grew small and petrified as his hand snaked onto my neck and downwards. He chuckled to himself as he pulled the dress downwards, revealing the top part of my bra. I squirmed in attempt to pull it back up, but no such luck. One of his fingers found their way to the top of my bra and touched it lightly.

“Pretty little thing you are…” He smiled evilly. I let out another muffled scream as he did so. I was nothing but a hopeless cause now though. I looked away from his face, in all honesty I was embarrassed, not that any of this was down to my doing.

I glanced over to the street that seemed a world away now when I saw Harry, Niall and eventually Liam sprinting past the entrance to the alley I was down. I had to do something, and quickly. I brought my foot up and dug my heel as hard as I could onto the roof of his foot. He let out a yell and stammered backwards a little, enough so that he released my mouth from his grasp

“NIALL!” I screamed as loud as I possibly could. “NIALL HELP ME!” The man jumped back towards me, sealing his hand over my mouth once again. I just hope I’d done enough...

“Little bitch!’ He raged

“That was her…” I heard a distant Irish voice from the street. I could now see the three boys stood under a streetlamp, looking around in confusion. I wanted to scream again, tell them that I was here, but I couldn’t.

“Do that again,” The man started, grabbing my head and hit it harshly against the cold brick wall that stood unmoving behind me. Pain rushed through me like a gunshot wound, and I could already feel the blood trickle down from the point of impact. My vision suddenly went blurry; I couldn’t for the life of me focus. I looked desperately over to the street once more, in an attempt to see anyone who would help. Niall appeared almost instantly, racing down the alley towards me. My saviour. 

“FUCKING GET OFF HER!” I heard him scream, his voice no way near as gentle as I remembered yet still strangely comforting. My vision grew worse and worse the closer he grew to me, until I could see nothing. The last thing I remember was hitting the cold, hard floor in a mass heap.

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