is forever the right word???

emma is your normal 18 year old. she is getting ready to go to uni for becoming a doctor. one day, when emma is walking home she bumps into a boy who looks to be her age. they exchange phone numbers and everything goes right. right? wrong! when she finds out exactly who he is, she gets a bit mad. no, extremely.

read about how emma and liam become more than friends forever?????.......


1. woops


*beep* *beep* *beep* i sighed to my self as i just realised that it is monday morning. great. i slowly took off my covers on my bed and got up. i went and had a nice hot shower cause they always wake me up. anyways, i got out and wrapped a towel around myself, and then got another towel to put my dirty blonde - almost brown - hair up in. i then went and got changed into my favourite ROOTS sweat pants and my favourite light blue chifon top. finally i went to my makeup stand and after a long debate with myself, i just said screw it! who am i trying to impress anyways. while i was walking out of my bedroom door, i walked right into the wall!!! really emma, really. i went down stairs to go and eat breakfast when all of a sudden i heard a thud. me being the weird person i am kept eating, until i heard footsteps. then i went and grabbed a broom. when i got back into the kitchen, i went and hit the person in the back of the head. 'dumbass, why did u do that' said my roommate allie. 'sorry allie, thought u were a burglar or something'. allie just sighed and went to go and get some breakfast aswell. i pulled out my phone to check if i had any texts. i saw that i had a text from my boyfriend zack.

FROM: Zackie: hey babe! have a good first day at uni! luv ya txt me ltr;)

TO: Zackie: hey thanks have fun at work as well!!!!.

'allie, im going off to uni now! ill texy u wen im done my first lecture' i yelled to allie. 'k, have fun!' allie yelled back as i was putting my black and baby blue BENCH jacket on and a dark brown pair of UGG's on. i walked down our aparment steps into the freezing cold england air. 'im so glad mom let me go by a warm jacket' i mutterd to myself. see, i'm from hawaii, so i'm quite used to the nice warm air hitting my tanned skin, but england is different. 3 words to exolain it ITS FREAKIN FREEZING. anyways, while i was walking, i put my iphone earbuds in and started to lisiten to music. while i was walking - me being the klutz i am - i bumped into someone and spilled thier coffee all down the front of them! great, way to go emma, first day in england and you spill someones coffee down the front of them, way to go. 'o my gosh. im so sorry.' i said to the boy i just walked into. 'its ok love, and besides you just got it on my side. its ok' said a funky sounding british/irish/deep accent. 'ok well in that case, im emma and you are.........' 'zayn, nice to meet you emma.' 'well zayn, nice to meet you too.' 'your not from around here are you' asked zayn. 'nope. im from hawaii, i moved here to study at uni.' 'cool what are you studying' asked zayn seeming really interested. ' well im here to study to become a doctor' i said. 'thats really cool. i wanted to be an english teacher. if you ever need any touring, heres my number and i can show you around' said zayn. ' cool thanks. heres mine' while we switched numbers and phones -me being the weirdo i am- i took a picture of my self doing a demented duck face and changed my name from Emma, to EMMA-BEAR. did i mentaion im a weirdo?? i checked my phone and it said 8:45. 'shit' i said. ' what' zayn asked. ' im gonna be late for my first lecture. urgghhhhh'. ' dont worry i'll drive you'. 'you sure' i asked. 'positive' zayn replied. ' okay, lets bounce' 'you are very...........interesting'. zayn said while we were walking. i had a feeling that this was gonna be a good first day in england!!!

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