is forever the right word???

emma is your normal 18 year old. she is getting ready to go to uni for becoming a doctor. one day, when emma is walking home she bumps into a boy who looks to be her age. they exchange phone numbers and everything goes right. right? wrong! when she finds out exactly who he is, she gets a bit mad. no, extremely.

read about how emma and liam become more than friends forever?????.......


11. Questions

Emma's POV

"OW DAMNIT!!!" I say as I walk in to the kitchen counter. I start to hop up and down on my foot as Zayn comes in.

"What's wrong?!" he says and I accidentally hop on to the couch and flip over.

"ALLIE WE NEED TO MOVE THE COUCH OUT OF THIS APARTMENT!!" I say as I land on the floor. I stand up and go to turn and this time I hit in to a cupboard that, when hit, apparently spills out candy.

"MY CANDY!!!" Niall screams and runs in front of me and I fall in to someone.

"Watch it, love." I hear Zayn chuckle in my ear and he puts me down on the couch. As I'm rubbing my toe to bring back some feeling Allie runs in.

"What happened??!! Who's hurt?!" she says looking between Zayn and I, to Niall devouring his candy to Louis trying to fix the TV.

"WORK!!! HOW THE BLOODY HELL DOES THIS WORK??!!" He screams shaking it and Liam (recently out of the wheelchair), puts his hand on Louis shoulder and pushes the ON button. 

"YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!" Harry yelled running in and grabbing the remote and switching the channel. Louis whined but Zayn shushed him.

"Now the news on the UK's favourite boy band, One Direction!" The reporter said on screen and we all went quiet, "One Direction band members have been seen in the company of these two ladies quite often, leading to some suspicious questions when the bands Liam Payne had to be taken to hospital in critical condition two weeks ago. Though nothing is confirmed, they say that Zayn Malik and former girlfriend Perrie Edwards split not two days before these pictures where released. Did Zayn, the bad boy, cheat on Perrie and that was the cause for the split? Or where things just not working out? Find out next week!" then the credits rolled out and we all looked at Zayn. He looked sad and mad but he shook his head.

"I didn't cheat on Perrie with Emma I swear!" He says worriedly as though scared those reporters where hidden in the room.

"Mate, we didn't accuse you of cheating on her with Emma!" Liam says consolingly and Zayn looks relieved seeing as we didn't think he cheated.

"Ya! It's just those stupid reporters looking to ruin someones life, no biggie!" I say and they all laugh at me.

"Why did you two break up anyways?" Niall asked as he ate with extreme speed.

"Just wasn't working." Zayn says and I nod.

"Oh. Well.............this is kind of aw-" I start to say but Lou cuts me off.

"JIMMINY CRICKETS!!!!!!!!!" Everbody looks at him and then we all start dying.

"What the hell Lou??" Allie asks.

"Well, I cant stand awkward spaces, so the first thing that came to mind was JIMMINY CRICKETS." He explains.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Ok. Well what should we do today, seemings how we should just get away from reality for a bit, let's go to the beach." Liam says. I look over at Zayn and he looks like he's almost in tears. I have two ideas:

A) Those damn paps are making up rumors about how he cheated on Perrie with me


B) He's thinking about himself and I or himself and Perrie's relationships.

While I was in my little thinking hole, I  felt someone come and pick me up. I look down and Louis is carrying me. Out of all the boys -other than Zayn of course- me and Lou were the closest. I called him Lu-Lu and he called me Memma.

"I HAVE SAVED YOU MEMMA! NOW LETS GO TO THE BEACH!!!!!!!" Lou screams and everybody is doubled over in laughter, probably cause of the look on my face.

"Lu-Lu, I need to put a swim suit on" I explain to him.

"Ohhhhhhh ok" Lou says. I quickly run upstairs and bump into Allie who is going down.

"Dude, you should of seen your face when Lou picked you up!!! It was frikin priceless!" Allie tells me.

"Oh shut up Allie!" I say and I can feel myself start to blush. She give me a 'god please help her' look and runs down the stairs. I run and put my bathing suit on and run down the stairs. I'm about to run into the kitchen when I hear two people talking. I don't mean to eavesdrop, but I just had to!!

"I believe you Zayn, I'm not saying that you did cheat on Perrie!" I hear a exasperated Niall sigh.

"Thank you Niall, but I just got a text from Perrie and I have to do something about it." Zayn says, and I feel a bit worried about the text. I see Niall  read it and then his face drops.

"Oh shit!" Niall says.

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