is forever the right word???

emma is your normal 18 year old. she is getting ready to go to uni for becoming a doctor. one day, when emma is walking home she bumps into a boy who looks to be her age. they exchange phone numbers and everything goes right. right? wrong! when she finds out exactly who he is, she gets a bit mad. no, extremely.

read about how emma and liam become more than friends forever?????.......


14. Mischief part: 1

Niall's POV

"GET UP MUNCHKINS!!!!!" I hear Allie yell downstairs and I groan and turn on to my stomach and bury my face in the pillow. "WE MADE FOOD!!!" she added and I jumped up and raced down the stairs as the smell of bacon and pancakes hit me and I sat down at the table as Liam, Zayn, Louis and Emma crowded in and Allie and Harry brought in four plates of food, two of bacon and two of pancakes.

"Yum!! I'm starving!!" I say and I grab four pancakes and a handful of bacon and then passed it down as they all laughed at me.

"Aren't you always Niall!!!" Liam said laughing as he takes a little less food then me. 

"Vat are ve doin todvay?" Zayn asked through a mouthful of food.

"Wellll we could go terrorize London??" Louis asked mischiefly and Harry's eyes lit up excitedly.

"YES!!!!" he said excitedly and Louis grinned deviously and Liam groaned and put his head in his hands and muttered something about Paul killing us.

"Come on mate loosen up!!" I say and pat Liam on the back as he lifts his head up and takes a bite of food causing him to choke.

"HEIMLICH MANEUVER!!!!" Emma yelled and raced around and started to give Liam the Heimlich maneuver and his face turned purple and he coughed as he tried to push Emma off as she started to count.

"STOP!!!!!" Allie yelled and everyone went silent and Emma stopped causing Liam to fall limp on the table and we all looked at him as he suddenly coughed and a chunk of pancake landed on his plate.

"Sorry mate..." I say sheepishly and Liam waves his hand as he continues to cough a little and Emma sits down and we all resume eating.

"Anyways!!! We are going to need silly string about 18-20 cans of it, 4 gallons of maple syrup, 7 bags of feathers, whipped cream 10 cans of it, balloons about 200 hundred, 2 packs of water bottles, nozzles for filling up the balloons with water, a cop uniform and stop sign, fake blood 10 packets, a fake gun that doesn't shoot anything just makes noise, and to top it off, 45 pies and if they ask tell them your getting it for a party!!" Louis said and Harry, Zayn and i started to take notes.

"Ok!! Allie and I will get, the maple syrup, feathers and balloons!!" Harry said and Allie nodded.

"I'll get the whipped cream, water bottles, nozzles and the cop uniform and stop sign with Niall!!" Liam said and I nodded.

"Emma and I'll get the fake blood and the fake gun!!" Zayn said his eyes lighting up.

"Then I'll call El and we'll get the silly string and the pies!! Alright?? Break!" Louis said and we all raced upstairs and grabbed some clothes and headed to our cars.


2 hours later we're all meeting at the park by the boys and mine apartment. Liam and I got everything we said we would and the only real trouble was getting the cop uniform and stop sign. Soon everyone's here and we're all excited and waiting for Lou's instructions.

"Alright!!! First we're going to go to this fancy restaurant a block away, we're going to need the silly string, some maple syrup and and some feathers, see if you can fit it in these bags and the maple syrup in the container!" Louis whispered out and pulled out three black purses and a empty blue container. The girls shoved some feathers and a can of silly string and poured about a liter of maple syrup in the container and shoved it in the last purse.

"Let's go!!" I said and we all piled in the van Louis rented. When we reached there we all jumped out and rolled around in the mud making us look dirty. We walked in stomped our feet hitting the ground in thuds as we walked and we all chewed gum very loudly and talked and gossiped about random things and made fun of the smartly dressed people.

"HI!!!! WE. WOULD. LIKE. A. TABLE. FOR. EIGHT!!!" Louis yelled miming out the actions and yelling and waving his arms around. We all stifled laughs as the waitress wrinkled her nose and led us quickly to, coincidentally, the only table for eight in the middle of the restaurant. We ordered everything on the menu and we loudly chomped on random things and Allie placed a olive on the top of her spoon and flicked down an old ladies dress causing her to jump and shriek. We all laughed and we started to flick olives at random people until the waitress yelled at us and we all mimicked her after she left. 

"Are you ready for the bill yet??" she asked us giving us a fake smile.

"Just one more thing...." I said and I nodded at Liam and I pulled out the maple syrup and coated her in it and she shrieked and Liam dumped the feathers on her.

"That's all!!!" Emma said and we quickly pulled out wads of two hundred dollars each in 1 dollar. We ran out of the restaurant and we took out the silly string and covered the security guards chasing us in it.

"What's next??" El asked eagerly and we all looked at Louis as we were in the safety of the van.

"Just wait!" Louis said his eyes lighting up.

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