is forever the right word???

emma is your normal 18 year old. she is getting ready to go to uni for becoming a doctor. one day, when emma is walking home she bumps into a boy who looks to be her age. they exchange phone numbers and everything goes right. right? wrong! when she finds out exactly who he is, she gets a bit mad. no, extremely.

read about how emma and liam become more than friends forever?????.......


5. Early morning raids


When I got up this morning, I went down stairs to find Niall raiding the cabinets.

"mornin" I say to Niall.

"hey Zayn" he says back to me.

"what time do we have to be to the recording studio this morning" I ask.

"ummmmmmm, 12 I think. Why?" Niall replied while he was stuffing his face with..... who knows what.

"I was just thinking about going for a walk. That,s all." I say.

"cool. But be back before 12" he said.

"ok,thanks mate" I say.

I go back up to my room and get into a warm shower. When I get out and got dressed, I have a long fight with my hair to go the way I want, but after, I just leave it normally and put a hat and grabbed my Varsity Jacket. I walk out the door taking a deep breath of fresh air and walk to a nearby park. Yesterday Emma and I almost kissed but Harry interrupted us.....

"ZAYN!!! WE ARE LEAV- oh sorry!" Harry said and I pulled away form Emma blushing.

"Alright I'll be out in a minute." I say and Harry leaves closing the door and I feel something hot spill on my leg.

"Sorry!" Emma says trying to clean up the third coffee she spilled on my leg that day.

"Now I know never to have coffee around "EMMA-BEAR" the coffee spiller!" I say making her blush a little....

I snap out of my daydream as my phone beeped.


hey Zayn wats up??


nothin much wats up wit u?


same :-( I hit Allie in the head with a flyswatter though!


who's allie?


oh she's my room mate and BFF!!!


oh cool i gotta go, have to go to the recording studio


kk txt u later

I slip my phone in my pocket and walk back, to the apartment the lads and I share, in slightly higher spirits.

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