is forever the right word???

emma is your normal 18 year old. she is getting ready to go to uni for becoming a doctor. one day, when emma is walking home she bumps into a boy who looks to be her age. they exchange phone numbers and everything goes right. right? wrong! when she finds out exactly who he is, she gets a bit mad. no, extremely.

read about how emma and liam become more than friends forever?????.......


10. decapitation is no laughing matter!

Liam's POV

Beep! Beep! Beep! I blink my eyes open and hear some machine beeping in the background. I turn my head to see tubs and needles sticking out of my arm and suddenly remember the fight with Harry and the truck hitting me on the way home.

"Oh! Mr.Payne your up! Hold on a minute let me get the doctor!" I hear a voice squeak to my left and see a nurse scurry out of the room and re-enter with a doctor.

"Good your up! You've been in a coma nearly three days! Your luck it wasn't any longer, these things can last years. Now how do you feel?" the doctor asked coming over and examining me and writing notes down on his clip board.

"It hurts and my head is groggy but I don't think there's any memory lose as I remember what happened..."I say and he scribbles something down on his clipboard.

"Good! Now you have some visitors, but I can tell them you need some rest if you would-" the doctor says but I cut him offf.

"No! I- I want to see them." I say and he nods.

"Alright but I'll send them in groups..." He said exiting the room. Soon Zayn and Emma entered the room and Emma hurried over and gave me a hug.

"Oh my gosh! Liam I am SOO sorry! It was all my fault if I-" Emma starts to tear up as she checks out all the gadgets I'm hooked upped too.

"Emma!" I say cutting her off, "It wasn't anyone's fault but mine! I wasn't paying attention and I got hit. So don't blame it on yourself!" I say and she goes quiet and Zayn comes over to me.

"How are you feeling, mate?" he asked nervously, as though afraid of the answer.

"Not great but I'll live." I say and he grins and hugs me then takes Emma's hand and leaves the room and Eleanor and Louis enter.

"LYUM!" Louis says and hugs me well Eleanor follows him and gives me a hug as well. Out of all the girls Louis has dated since we have met, I like Eleanor the most.

"How are you feeling Liam?" she asks and Louis's eyes widen.

"Well I know how the squirrels feel now." I say and Louis lets out a feeble laugh. They hug me again and leave and Niall and Harry enter instead. I could tell Harry hadn't got much sleep and his eyes were red and puffy like he had been crying.

"Harry-" I begin but Harry cuts me off.

"Liam look. I didn't actually know you liked her, and if I had I would have never kissed her. I am really sorry please don't hate me." he says and I smile.

"It's ok, mate I over reacted a bit! I'm sorry, plus you two are adorable together!" I say and Harry blushes slightly.

"EXCUSE ME!!!" Niall yells pushing Harry of the way and charging over to hug me.

"Hey Niall!!" I say and Niall grins and I see he has the 'look' in his eyes. The 'look' is what Niall gets when he is either, drunk on pop or high on candy. "What day is it?" I ask and Niall giggles like a little school girl.

"November first!" Niall says and I groan because this means Niall will be up until midnight for a month, bugging us to go do something at three in the morning. 

"Ya we took away most of his loot but I think he found it." Harry explains and I groan as Niall dances around the room. I feel like hitting my head repeatedly against the machines but then Allie came in.

"I'll take Niall outside..." Harry says awkwardly and grabs Niall closing the door behind them. We just listen to their voices fading before Allie spoke.

"Liam I'm sorry but I already chose Harry! I didn't know you felt that way about me.... and then you and Harry had a huge fight about it and you got hurt!" She says and looks down guiltily. Unlike Emma who had dirty blonde hair and grey-blue eyes, Allie had thick brown hair and dark brown eyes like Zayn's and was, uh, not as loud and was more plain.

"Allie it's ok! I'm fine and I will be out of here as soon as I can and you and Harry are a great couple!" I say and she looks up smiling.

"You aren't mad?" she says and I nod and she runs and hugs me. "Thank you Liam!" she says and Harry walks in as we split. She runs at him and he picks her up and Zayn comes in pushing Emma in a wheelchair.

"LIAM!!!! I BROKE MYSELF!!!" She yells at me and I wince at how loud she is.

"LYUM!! HARRY BROKE MY CHOCOLATE BAR!!" Niall yelled running in to the room with a broken kit kat.

"Niall, mate, they're supposed to break." I say and he 'ooooh!!!'s and shoves it in his mouth.

"LIAM YOU ARE FREE TO BE DECAPITATED! Oops! Sorry! I meant, LIAM YOU ARE FREE TO BE DEPORTED!!" Louis yells coming in to the room with Eleanor and a bag of meds.

"Emma you need to let Liam have the wheelchair so we can go home!" Allie said going over to Emma, who refused to get out.

"No!! How come Liam can ride in a wheelchair and I can't!!" She says crossing her arms and pouting and Zayn reached down and wrestled her out of the chair. Eventually she gets out and Niall helps me in to the wheelchair.

"Niall I think I better push him." Louis says and I gratefully smile because I did not want to pick out drywall from my hair for a month. As we leave girls swarm us and Niall tries his karate moves and ends up hitting himself in the face. Holding his nose, he clambers in the car with us and we speed off to Allie and Emma's apartment. 

"I'm glad your back mate." Zayn says as he helps me out of the car.

"Me too." I say smiling.


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