The Fathers wisdom


1. One wish...

The ceiling is all she saw that morning, lying in bed all day moaning about how One Direction are playing in the town near theirs. "If only you could drive me there..please daddy please..I won't ask for anything ever." She looks at her father with hopeful eyes, that maybe if he will see how much she wanted it, he would drive her there. Her father poured juice in his glass, drinking some of it. "Ahh..Nope I won't drive you there." He replied to her pleads. "Sometimes you have to wait and who knows maybe they will come here." Her father tried to keep her hopeful only for it to fail.

"As if they'll be driving into a stinky town like this!" She relies on drama with her answer. Covering her face in her hoodies oversized sleeves and mumbles. "I hate never give me what I want." Her father replies quickly with sarcasm. "Besides I have to go to work so I can feed you and clothe you or wíll Harry do that for you?" As her father left the kitchen, she shouts back saying. "Yes he would if he was to see me..he would love me!" She bangs her fists on the wooden table making the tableware move with fear. She runs upstairs bangs her bedroom door so hard that the windows start to shake. She walks to the stereo, puts One thing on. So loud  that the whole neighborhood could hear it. She turned the volume louder when Harry's solo came on. She still can hear her father shouting, not answering because she was upset and didn't care.

Her father came upstairs opened her bedroom door. She gets up, turns the music off and shouts. "Close the door, I want to be left alone!" "Ok." says her father. "I just wanted to let you know....Harry is here."

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