Love and Hate

Just another day in school with my two friends. I only have two, but I have an enemy. I used to have many friends, but that was before I broke up with him, as he says. But the truth is he broke up with me. I don't even like to say his name, but I will this once. Justin. Justin Bieber.

A/N: I have nothing against Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez. I was going to write a story like this anyway. I don't mean to make anyone hate me. Sorry.
Her= Selena Gomez
Him= Justin Bieber


2. Chapter 2

I start to walk over to my locker to grab my math and science books. When I try my combination, it won't open. I remember when I rush or am nervous about something, it doesn't work. I try to calm myself down until I hear somebody's voice behind me.

"Good morning Star." He says. I can't manage to say anything. Usually Jade helps me out, but she isn't here.

"I said good morning Star." He says harder this time. I try to ignore him, but I keep thinking of what he will do without jade here. He grabs my arm, spins me so I am facing him, and then slaps my face.

"When I say good morning, what do you say back?" He asks me.

"Good morning." I manage to say between whimpers.

"Say my name when you talk to me." He said to me with a smug look on his face. I start to cry a little. This is just like when he started to abuse me when he was my boyfriend. He kicks my shin.

"What's my name?" He teases me.

"Justin." I say softly.


"Justin." I say louder this time.


"Justin!" I almost yell. He starts to laugh.

"What?" I whimper.

"Your just to easy." He says.

"And you're just to mean." I mumble to myself.

"What?" He asks me, all the humor gone from his voice.

"Nothing." I quickly say. He pushes me to the ground and kicks me in the stomach. I let out a scream and notice that some people have formed a group around Him and I. They start to laugh and so does He. The bell rings and everyone goes off to class. By lunch everyone will know about this. I see Her go up to Him and kiss him. They both go to their classes and I try to get up. After a few minutes of trying, a moniter walks over.

"What happened sweetie?" She asks me. I just whimper because my stomach hurts so much.

"Lets get you the nurses office. Can you get up?" She asks me. I use all my strength and hold in a scream to get up. We slowly walk over tho the nurses office.

"What is your name?" The monitor asks me.

"Star Joson." I say.

"And what is your class right now?"

"History with Ms. Baskin." I tell her.

"Okay. I'll tell her that you are going to be late. Just go to class when you feel better." She tells me when we get to the office. I go to the nurse and get some ice, but instead of going to class, I go to the councillor.

"Hey Star! Arn't you supposed to be in class?" She asks me with a big smile. Then she sees the ice."Him?" She asks. All I do is nod my head and burst out crying.

"Oh honey. Don't cry. It's over now." Angie (councillor) says. When I was little, Angie used to baby-sit me, so we are really close.

"But Angie, It's not! It's like this everyday! And he enjoys it. He likes me to be in pain. And Jade isn't here today, so nobody can help me. Bret can only help me in fourth period. Selena also hate me for who knows what, and I don't want adults to get involved because that means it will just get worse! I trust you the most with this. And what would happen if Jade and Bret decided they didn't want to be my friends anymore? I wouldn't have anybody. Why me?" I say as I cry.

"You want to know why? God thinks you're tough. He knows that after you prove you are strong, he will reward you. And I'm not just saying that. He will. I know." She tells me. "Know, dry those tears, and go face the big, bad world. Soon something good will come to you."

"Thanks Angie. Trust me. I will be back. See you later."

"See you later Pop." She says. I laugh. When I was little, I loved popcorn and she would say pop then I would reply corn. It's our little joke like Star and Moon.

"Bye Corn." I say. When I get back to class, I go and sit in the empty seat in the back corner while some people snicker. This is going to be one long day.

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