I always wonder why I bother with these two. Probably because we're so alike, even if one of them's an utter moron and the other has a complete 180 attitude.
It's probably because of our powers.
We couldn't control them properly until we all met one another. Things started levitating in Jinx's control, Ditto could successfully transform into other creatures, and I could shoot inter-dimensional portals whenever I felt like it.
.... We're all weird.


1. In which the story begins.


Chapter 1

     “WHERE IS IT?” A voice screeched from somewhere upstairs. I groaned, thinking, “Not now. Not at this time in the morning.” Rolling over, I peeked at the alarm clock on the side of my bed through the gingerish hair falling across my face. It read 9:45 am.

   Meh, I thought. I’d better be getting up. My shift is at 10:30.

   I’d just swung my legs out of the bed when Jinx, my roommate, came storming into my room. Her blonde hair whipped across her blue eyes as she scattered the piles of unwashed clothes lying in her path, and shoved my desk, chair, and various objects over as she ran towards me.

    “WHERE IS IT?” She screamed, her face going as red as a tomato. “WHERE’S MY SKIRT?!” I involuntarily recoiled, her face mere inches from mine.

    “Your skirt? That’s what all the fuss is about?” I asked. Her face turned from red, to white, to beetroot purple, and her mouth contorted into a scowl, grabbing a hold of my orange and green pyjamas.

    “Fuss?” FUSS? THIS ISN’T A FUSS! SOMEONE TOOK MY SKIRT!” She shook her hand at me. An electric blue glow faded into existence around the offending limb, and things in my room started levitating above our heads. A spectacular feat for many, but it was just annoying that Jinx was doing it this early in the morning. That means she’d probably be tired later one, and that would get her even more grumpy than she was now.

     “Look Jinx, this is really unnecessary. Your skirt’s probably in the washer, or the drier, or god knows where...” I said, mumbling at the end. In truth, Jinx did this about once every week, so I shouldn’t really have been surprised. The girl in front of me stopped her scowling, and went into thought. Then, she grinned at me.   

     “Thanks, Cel!” She called, running out of the room, flying through my clothes. “I’ll make some extra brownies!”

     I chuckled, and then, brows furrowing in annoyance,  glanced over the only part of my room, a secluded square accessible through a tall, brown archway that lead into where my wardrobe was, that was not covered in light, but pitch black. I knew something was in there, and her sheer stupidity at this matter was amazing.

     “You can come out now, Ditto.”

     Out of the shadows came my other roommate, Ditto. She had deep black hair, and brown eyes which had a mischievous twinkle in them. The location of her amusement was in her hands. An orange skirt was hanging by her fingers, and the words “JINX” were written in scrawled handwriting on the little instruction tag. Ditto had stolen Jinx’s favourite skirt, and was looking smug about it for some inexplicable reason.

     “Ditto? You know, if Jinx catches you with that, she’s going to beat you within an inch of your life...” I complained. Ditto just raised an eyebrow.

     “Pshh, yeah right? When was the last time she beat me up?”

     “Tuesday,” I deadpanned. Confusion clouded Ditz’* face, then it immediately vanished as a look of horror replaced it. I mean, seriously. It’d been four days since the last time Ditz had pissed off Jinx. Yeah, she has really short term memory, but she still had black and blue bruises covering her!

     “I’ll just be going then!” She beamed, though her eyes looked terrified at the prospect of what would happen to her if the blonde haired demon caught her. Then, ploughing through the clothes (note to self; Tidy room) she bolted through the bedroom door and vanished into the corridor that lead up to the ground floor. As she leapt up the stairs, I could clearly hear her screams as Jinx noticed her. Sighing, I closed the door and started to get changed. Nothing ever changed in this household. Every single week, Ditto thought it would be funny to play a prank on Jinx by stealing something of hers, and then Jinx would be mad and beat her up. No powers were used, as we made each other swear not to use them on us or civilians, so Jinx’s strength was able to defeat Ditto’s not-strength.

     When I was finished, I dragged my way upstairs, passing various rooms where we kept various things.  The kitchen was in sight, and a delicious aroma was wafting in my general direction. I went over and saw Jinx preparing some brownies as if nothing had happened a few minutes prior, and Ditto lying with her head on the table. When I got in, she lifted her head and a red hand mark was clearly visible on her right cheek, as well as a scratch running down her cheek.

     “Cel, remind me; let me never steal anything of Jinx’s again!” She mumbled, reaching for a glass of orange juice. I slapped her hand and glared.

     “I always try to remind you; you just keep forgetting. Again and again. And for some reason you always hide in my room. Why is that?" I questioned. Ditto banged her face on the table, and snatched the orange juice. I chuckled darkly and got myself some toast. Nutella was a very good ingredient to go on toast.

     After that, I leapt out of the house before Jinx insisted on me taking some of her brownies with me to work. Honestly, even though I loved the baked goods she'd prepared, I did not want my co-workers cooing over how cute it was that my "Girlfriend" had given me brownies. I was straight, goddammit! Why did everyone think that Jinx was my girlfriend? Sure, we lived in the same house, but so did Ditz, and no one said that she was my girlfriend. Well, once, when Farah, one of the people I work with, saw me entering the house after going shopping with Ditz. She actually accused me of cheating on "My beloved Girlfriend Jinx". After that, I stopped working in that sub-division when I demanded my boss to let me work elsewhere. He did, but not before asking me why. To answer that question, I put on my darkest scowl as a shadow came over my face.

     "I am not a lesbian."

     He put me in another sub-division pretty quickly. Though they still listened to the rumours from my old one and now thought I had a girlfriend. Again. It wasn't so bad this time, but one of the people there brought in a cross from church and tried to exorcise me, because he thought evil spirits had been possessing my body. The exorcism had consisted of him whacking me with the cross until Josh, one of the people I worked with, and some other guys kept him away from me. And to this day, I kept my distance from him as he did with me. I found one book on my desk one day which was about how homosexuals were wrong, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed him watch me carefully. And since people saw me with that book, trying to return it to it's rightful owner, everyone thought I was gay now.

    Oh, I hate my life.

A/N Well hope you enjoy!*Ditz is the nickname that Cel gave her. Also, Cel is pronounced Ch-el. 

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