me or him

this story is about a girl who meets a guy and they end up being very close. when she and the guy get a little closer feelings start to come out but it was to late when the girl left and moved to london. the girl then meets a guy and falls in love with him. about 3 years later she returns to america with her new boyfriend and discovers some old feelings from her old guy friend. who will she choose to be with?


1. me and my new friend

it was just another day in Texas when crystal was at school. crystal was just talking to her friends about the usual witch was one direction. crystal had just walked away from her friends to go get some water when all a sudden someone had bumped into her and made end up making her fall to the ground dropping all of her stuff. she then said "watch where you going whoever you are." she then gets up and starts to gather her stuff. a pair of hands starts to help her she looks up to see a boy. the boy then says "i'm so sorry. are you okay?" "yea i'm fine its just that i am really having a bad day." they both stand up and the boy hands her books and says "why you having a bad day?" "because i failed my test and my boyfriend just broke up with me." "oh, i'm so sorry." "its fine. i just need to rest that all." "oh okay. well i hope to see you around umm-" "crystal" "i hope to see you around crystal." "i hope to see you around." "tom. Tom Johnson" " i hope to see you around tom. and you and me have the same last name." " we do?" "yea. well see you later." crystal then grabs her books and walks away to her next class.

its been about 4 months since tom and crystal have met and the friendship has gotten bigger and bigger everyday and nether of them would change anything about it. tom and crystal walk together, eat together, and hang with each other everyday. one time crystal had gotten really sick with the flu and tom took care of her till she got better. they really cared for each other and people started to think that they were together. when ever they hugged each other in the hallway people would stare and point.they just ignored them and just lived their lives.

little did crystal know that tom was starting to have feelings for her. tom had a tiny crush on crystal. he had told one of crystal's friends' because he couldn't keep it to himself for very long. whenever crystal was around they would push him to tell crystal how he feels. but he wouldn't do it because he was afraid that she would reject him or she would feel the same way and that the relationship would just go wrong.

so what do you think tom should do? do you think he should tell her or not?



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