If I Die Tonight

How would you spend your last day on this planet? This is how mine would be spent...


1. i love you

I loved him so much. I'd seen people in love before, in real life, in films. I sympathized with them but never truly understood. He was all i could think of, i trusted him 100%, i trusted him with my life. Yet i was always scared he'd turn around one day and tell me it was all a joke, a cruel prank. He was like my sun, he held me in orbit and glowed so brightly he was all i could see. There was nothing and no one that could make me leave him- he was my life, without him I'd be dead inside. I'd only known him 6 months, dated him for 5 of them, but already i couldnt imagine my life without him. I was young, but i knew that i wanted the rest of my life with him. We had so much in common, and where we had differences, they were good differences. We shared our likes and dislikes and he knew me more than anyone else in the planet. I'd get butterflies just thinking about seeing him again, and i couldnt bare any unnecessary times where i didnt see him.

I was sat with him one day, in our favourite place in the world. A hidden, secluded tree at the far edge of a local park. We sat between two of the roots, curled up so close we were like one person. Just above our heads on the thick trunk was a mark in the shape of a love heart. We had no idea how it got there but it marked our tree from the others. We had an earphone in each, listening to our favourite song, laid watching clouds, and people walking past, far away in the middle of the park, and the scampering squirrels who, if held still and stayed quiet, would come so close to us, we could have reached out and petted them if we wanted to. The icy, winter wind left us shivvering but we just cuddled closer together.

It was 21st December 2012. And we were waiting. We were waiting for the world to end. I'd already told him that his was the face I'd want to see just as i died, he told me he wanted to hug me tight so i could hear his heart beat for me before it stopped. We were scared, we were crying, but we had each other, and alive or dead, we'd be together. I didnt need my friends, i didnt need my family because I had him and nothing else mattered. And we stayed sat there and we watched the world burn. We watched cracks form on the ground, imcreasing in depth and size, civilisations falling into the pits. People dying and screaming all around us, but we just held on tighter. Eventually the catastrophic events that occured all over the world reached us. Our tree fell into a burning ravine, and we closely followed. As we fell i held onto him, and i saw the silent words form on his lips. "i love you".
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