This is about a girl named cat she is 18 years old She lives in doncaster,england
She has 4 brothers one of her younger bothers and her mother
had died in a car crash when she was 13 it was really hard for her
Cause her and her brother were best friends her older brothers and dad
Are abusive towards her and she cant take it anymore so she deicides to run away after school until 2 kids at her school decide to beat her up so she runs away when the teachers are dealing with bullies.And when she runs away she collapses in front of 5 gies cause of to much blood loss and they save her life. Will it change cats life forever?will she find a special guy?but when 2 of them fall hard for her wich one will she choose?( this my first movella hope u will like it and plz no hate thx :D)


6. The very nice night

(louis pov)
" can u grab my gutiar case plz i brought some pajamas with me" she asked " ya sure thing lov" i said i grabbed and gave it to her she had lots of things in there mostly clothes though. " so u know how to play gutiar?" i asked " ya not really good at it though" she said " i bet ur great" i said with a smile " thx do u mind bringing me to the bathroom so i can get changed in there u can set me on the counter so i dont have to stand" she said stinking her tongue out at so i dont have to stand part. So i picked her up and brought her to the bathroom and sat her on the counter. " just tell me when ur done lov" i said " ok" she replyed sweetly and then she closed the door.

(cats pov)
"done!" i yelled " ok" he picks me up and brings me to his room and sat me on the bed and he sat next to me. " can i ask u a few questions so i get to know u better?" he asks " ya sure " " ok how old r u?" " 18" " when is ur birthday" " october 5th" " do u sing?" " um.... Y-ya" "really" he sounded suprised " can u sing for me?" i never have really sang anything ever since my mom died. Ause it used to be our thing " no thx" " plz!!!!!" he said with a puppy dog face and i have to tell u it was the most iresistible puppy dog face u could ever c! " fine do u have a gutiar i could borrow i didnt nbring mine cause i filled my gutiar case with stuff i really needed" i asked " ya sure i will go get nialls" he said " ok thx" when he came back he gave me the gutiar i was just about to sing moments when i notice something i should have notice before " OMG I JUST NOTICE THAT U R LOUIS FROM ONE DIRECTION!!!!" " um....ya guessing u r a fan" he asked " yes!" i said he smiled " ok now back on to the singing thing" he said i laughed a bit now i was a bit nervous that i was singing infront of THE louis tomlinson. But i did it anyways i sang Moments. He looked amazed but i know he was just being nice. "sorry that was kinda bad" i said " OMG NO THAT WAS AMAZING!U R A BEAUTFUL SINGER AND GUTIAR PLAYER!!!!!!!" he said i blushed " thx" " i did do a dance solo to that song before my mom died it was really pretty it always made her cry cause it was a very emotinal dance" i said i was starting to cry but no i was not gonna cry in front of lou even thogh i already did but no not any more i am not gonna cry but it was to late i already had tears falling down my face " dont cry its ok mabey u can show me the dance sometime if u would like" he said as he pulled me in for a hug

(harry pov)
I was about to fall asleep when i heard an angelic singing voice coming from lou's room. So i got up to c what it was i guess i wasnt the only one who heard it cause all of the boys were crouded around his room peeking in so i went over there to c what it was " what is that its so pretty" i said " its cat she is singing and playing the gutiar" niall said quietlly " omg! Thats her singing" " ya take a look for yourself " niall said while making room for me to c. And there she was her beautiful self singing Moments she was amazing and she was playing the gutiar!!! I onow louis fancied her and so did i and i need to show her i could b her lov. Thats when she started talking "sorry that was kinda bad " she said me and the boys looked at each other and shook out heads we all knew she was amazing but she didnt beleive it " OMG NO THAT WAS AMAZING!U R A BEAUTIFUL SINGER AND GUTIAR PLAYER!!!!!!!" lou said iam glad he told her that so mabey she will believe him " thx" " i did a dance solo to that song before my mom died it was really pretty it always made her cry cause it was a very emotional dance" she said " she is a dancer?!!" i said to the boys " i guess so she is probably as good as a dancer as she is a singer" liam said " probably" i said then i heard louis say " dont cry its ok mabey u can show me the dance sometime" then he pulled her in for a hug thats when i got mad because i want to b her boyfriend but by the way it is now louis will b mabey if im lucky and then i decided to go to bed. I finally fell asleep thinking about the girl of my dreams. Cat......

(cats pov)
After i sang i asked " im tired can we go to bed now?" " ya sure thing lov" he said then he walked over to his air matress and i turned of the lights. Thats when fear rushed through me.

(louis pov)
I was thinking how perfect can a girl be? She could sing, play gutiar, dance, her laugh is adorable, and she is just beautiful i couldnt stand it!!! I was about to fall asleep when she turned the lights back on " im sorry i just got really scared from the movie" i could c the fear in her eyes she looked like she was about to bawl her eyes out. " would u like me to sleep with u?" i asked i know i just met her but i really felt bad and she looked like she needs someone and she probably doesnt have anybody at home " yes plz if u dont mind im just really freaked out what if my dad finds me he will kill me!" she said as tears rolled down her face i got up and got on the bed and hugged her and she just cried into my shoulder i really didnt care that she was soaking my shirt with tears" sssshhhh its ok im right here i will protect u" i said trying to calm her down we layed down i put my arms aroud her and she put her head on my chest it was so cute! I turned of the lights she calmed down a bit " you just met me and your willing to protect me?" she asked " of course" i said seriously. We were dozing off a bit and i let go of her so she could fall asleep " no keep me close plz i need u right now" she said. That was one of the most sweetest things a girl has ever said to me i was speechless but i managed to say " dont worry im here for u and of course i will keep u close" i said and after that she fell asleep in my arms i kissed her on the top of her head " goodnight lov" i whisperd and i layed my head on top of hers and fell asleep.

Hi everyone thank u so much for reading it i might only b able to update on the weekends but everytime i get a chance i will update! Plz comment of what u think for my first movella and if i mess up my spelling sorry just ignore that. Thank u SO much for reading comment, like it , and favourite plz thanx everyone xox one direction dancer <3
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