This is about a girl named cat she is 18 years old She lives in doncaster,england
She has 4 brothers one of her younger bothers and her mother
had died in a car crash when she was 13 it was really hard for her
Cause her and her brother were best friends her older brothers and dad
Are abusive towards her and she cant take it anymore so she deicides to run away after school until 2 kids at her school decide to beat her up so she runs away when the teachers are dealing with bullies.And when she runs away she collapses in front of 5 gies cause of to much blood loss and they save her life. Will it change cats life forever?will she find a special guy?but when 2 of them fall hard for her wich one will she choose?( this my first movella hope u will like it and plz no hate thx :D)


5. The scary movie

(cats pov)
When we were done playing a game we decided to watch a movie."so...what movie r we gonna watch?" i asked " a scary movie" zayn said " o god" i said quietly but louis must have heard me "what?" he asked "i dont necesarelly like scary movies cause they scare me,badley " i said " dont worry i will b right hear to protect u" he said very cutely while pulling me into a hug it gave me butterflies and made me blush i actually have a thing for lou but i doubt that he has a thing for me. "but i kinda wanted to c this movie" i said "really?" lou said " ya it looked really interesting but it will still probably scare me to death but i dont really care"
(louis pov)
When she said she was scared i felt bad so i hugged her tightly it gave me butterflies but i liked it. When we were watching the movie and a scary part came she jumped and screamed at the same time. I put my arm around her and she came closer to me. Another scary part came on and she did the same thing but this time a cat had died in the movie and i could. The tears rolling down her face but the funny thing was she wasnt the onl one crieing harry on the other side of the couch was bawling his eyes out. " it didnt even had a chance to run" he cried. Now the possessed father was abusing his little daughter in the movie. Now she was really crieing i pulled her in closr so now she was crying into my chest. " im tired" she said when the movie was finished she still was crieing a bit. " ok lov i will go to bed to i am a bit tired" i said i lifted her up and brought her to my room.

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