This is about a girl named cat she is 18 years old She lives in doncaster,england
She has 4 brothers one of her younger bothers and her mother
had died in a car crash when she was 13 it was really hard for her
Cause her and her brother were best friends her older brothers and dad
Are abusive towards her and she cant take it anymore so she deicides to run away after school until 2 kids at her school decide to beat her up so she runs away when the teachers are dealing with bullies.And when she runs away she collapses in front of 5 gies cause of to much blood loss and they save her life. Will it change cats life forever?will she find a special guy?but when 2 of them fall hard for her wich one will she choose?( this my first movella hope u will like it and plz no hate thx :D)


2. The bullies

(cats pov)
"WAKE UP NOW" my father screamed " yes dad" " ITS TIME TO GO TO SCHOOL" my father yelled " i know" " U DO NOT SASS ME " my dad screamed again " yes dad sorry". I got ready for school then i got my gutair case and filled it up with clothes and stuff i needed cause i couldnt stand it any more i needed to run away. I dont know where i would go but any where is better than this place. But i would pretend i have gutair lessons and say they got canceled then at the end of the day i would just run the opposite direction and i will find somewhere from there.

I got on the bus this kid stuck his foot out and i tripped on it every one just laughed it hurt but i just brushed it off and got up and i took my seat. Finally bri came on the bus. " why do u have ur gutiar case u dont have lessons?" she said " i have stuff in here i need so i could run away" i said " why?" she said " u know why" i said " o ya now i under stand u could always stay with me " she said " no because that will b the first place my dad will look and if he finds me he WILL kill me " i explained " o ok i understand". The rest of the bus ride was pretty quite so i put my earphones in my ears an listen to my all time favorite song Moments by one direction. I had a dance solo to that song it was a very pretty dance it used to make mother cry every time i did it cause i had lots of emotion when i did my dance. And now when i listen to it, it always makes me emotional but this time i just held my tears in.

When we got to school i notice some thing everyone was acting scared. Then i saw it. Jack & avery were back from vacation crap! They were the school bullies they controlled everyone and everything. " what r u looking at " avery said i didnt even notice i was stareing at her. Then her brother jack turned around to c who she was talkind to " o look its little miss shy" he said " shut up" i mumbled that was a bad idea i regretted it now " what" he demanded i know u have to tell him or he will hurt u." shut up " i said a bit louder " u dont say that to me" he pretty much growled. Now they were charing towards me i sqwealed a little cause i was scared of what they were going to do to me. All i could do was stand there thinking that i just said that. Then avery got to me and she pushed me into the wall and punched me in th face. I could feel the blood coming down from my nose. Then she pulled a pocket knife out " i have been waiting to use this on just the right person and guess what u r the right person" i tried to move away but jack was holding me against the wall. Then she cut me right on the cheek and above the eyebrow. " OMG CAT!!!!" bri yelled as she walked down the hallway and brought teachers with her to stop this i could barley c her cause there was so much blood. I didnt even know that my face had this much blood in it cause there was so much everywhere!!!! Finally the teachers got to us,as they got to us i grabbed my gutair case and just ran out of the school.

(louis pov)
"CARROTS" i yelled the boys started laughing histariclly. Thats when i saw this girl she was covered with blood.
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