This is about a girl named cat she is 18 years old She lives in doncaster,england
She has 4 brothers one of her younger bothers and her mother
had died in a car crash when she was 13 it was really hard for her
Cause her and her brother were best friends her older brothers and dad
Are abusive towards her and she cant take it anymore so she deicides to run away after school until 2 kids at her school decide to beat her up so she runs away when the teachers are dealing with bullies.And when she runs away she collapses in front of 5 gies cause of to much blood loss and they save her life. Will it change cats life forever?will she find a special guy?but when 2 of them fall hard for her wich one will she choose?( this my first movella hope u will like it and plz no hate thx :D)


4. Louis' flat

(louis pov)
I was so happy the boys let me push in the wheel chair to the car! Zayn drove home liam and i sat next to her. I looked out the window and i saw a pigeon. "KEVIN!!!" i screamed her and the boys started laughing. Niall was right her laugh is adorable! When we got there ( we were staying at my house cause we were in town) i picked her up bridal style cause the doctor doesnt want her to walk. When we got in the house i told my mom what happened other than the part that she was abused i made something up that could cover for that. " so can she stay mum" i asked " of course he can stay as long as she would like. " thx mum" i said " no problem" she awnsered. I looked down at cat and smiled her dark brown eyes were so beautiful and her long strait light brown hair was just so pretty she was so cute too! I think i fancie her.

(cat pov)
When we got to his flat and we walked in it was amazing it was so big and beautiful. I was in louis arm cause the doctor didnt want me to stand wich is depressing cause i cant dance if i am not allowed to stand. Then i notice louis was stareing at me while smiling so i dicided to smile back. " um so u can stay in my room if u would like to lov" he said as he poked my nose i giggled and then he smiled even more than before. " sure i wouldnt mind staying in your room" i said " ok u can stay in my bed" he said " then where r u going to sleep" i said " o i will sleep on an air mattress" he said " no that is so uncomfortable i will sleep on it " i said " no i will cause u r hurt and thats final so dont say anything else cause im sleeping on the air mattress" he said " but-" " no buts im sleeping on it" he said i stuck my tongue out at him like a 4 year old and he did the same. We ended up laughing nonstop on his bed.

(zayns pov)
" do u gies want to play a game" i asked the boys " sure " they said " ok b right back im going to go get lou and cat" i said so i went right in cause the door was open and i saw them both on lou's bed laughing histeraclly wich made me laugh a little bit." gies we were wondering if u would like to play a game " i asked " sure" they said at the exact same time wich made them laugh even more. Omg her laugh is just so cute!!! He grabs her bridal style and brings her to the living room where the rest of the boys r. " what game do u want to play?" she asks " THE GAME OF LIFE" louis screams it make us all laugh and it makes us laugh even harder cause of cats laugh.

( louis pov)
" call blue car " cat yells " damn it" says zayn " CALL RED CAR" i yell. She looks at me and smiles, i smile back looking into her eye thats when r eyes meet and i got butterflies in my stomach. Does this mean any thing? Is she the one? Does she like me back?
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