This is about a girl named cat she is 18 years old She lives in doncaster,england
She has 4 brothers one of her younger bothers and her mother
had died in a car crash when she was 13 it was really hard for her
Cause her and her brother were best friends her older brothers and dad
Are abusive towards her and she cant take it anymore so she deicides to run away after school until 2 kids at her school decide to beat her up so she runs away when the teachers are dealing with bullies.And when she runs away she collapses in front of 5 gies cause of to much blood loss and they save her life. Will it change cats life forever?will she find a special guy?but when 2 of them fall hard for her wich one will she choose?( this my first movella hope u will like it and plz no hate thx :D)


1. Intorduction

Hi my names cat im 18 years old im a seinor i live in doncaster england i have 4 brothers i should say used to have 4 cause my little brother and my mom died in a car crash when i was 13. Thats when my father went crazy and started abusing me and ge taught my 3 older brothers to abuse me too. I have so many scars its not even funny well it wasnt funny in the first place. I have on friend her name is bri well brianna but everyone calls her bri. We have been friends ever since we were toddlers. At school i am bullied by these 2 kids jack and avery. And no one cares except bri. I am a dancer i am in dance compatition until my mom died then my dad took me out of dannce class i still dance around all the time and sing. I lov to sing and write songs i do it every chance i get i play gutair and lots of other instruments but gutiar is my favorite.
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