The New Girl in Cheshire!

Nicole Johnson. No one special, just a girl from Cali. In 2010 she got accepted into a foreign exchange student program, and in just a week, she would be heading off to a new family, a new life in Cheshire. It doesn't take long for her to find someone she likes, but is the feeling mutual, or is it all a love game?

This is just a little notice that this story might contain PG-13 content in it. So if you haven't had "the talk" with your parents, stray from this story.
You were warned(:


1. "The Chance of a Life Time."

I have always wanted to go to London. As long as I can remember I was faking a British accent, dreaming about seeing Big Ben  in person.  So you can only imagine how excited I was when I found out I was eligible to enroll for a foreign exchange program at my school. You had be 13 or older, which was great because I was 15. You had at least make a C average on your first quarter report card, and I was always a straight A student. The rest was just common stuff, proof of citizenship, proof of address, and of course, your parents signature. The only problem is it cost 1,000$ a year, 83$ a month, and my family wasn't exactly "rolling in it". So the deal was, I had to pay for my first year and if I could do that then my grandparents, who were "rolling in it", would pay for the rest of my school. So pretty much I had to pay for freshmen year, or year 10, and my grandparents would pay year 11 until I finished University. My parents were on board with it all, but my mom was reluctant. Not because she felt bad about taking my grandparents money, cause trust me they are not running out anytime soon, but because I would be leaving the country for basically the rest of my school career can you blame her? I was set to leave February,12, 2009. It was only a short week away.........And I hadn't even touched my room. I just worried about other things, what the new family would be like, if they would like me, if they had any cute kids my age? So I didn't really have time to pack.

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