The New Girl in Cheshire!

Nicole Johnson. No one special, just a girl from Cali. In 2010 she got accepted into a foreign exchange student program, and in just a week, she would be heading off to a new family, a new life in Cheshire. It doesn't take long for her to find someone she likes, but is the feeling mutual, or is it all a love game?

This is just a little notice that this story might contain PG-13 content in it. So if you haven't had "the talk" with your parents, stray from this story.
You were warned(:


18. "The Boys."

Harry left 3 days ago for X Factor boot-camp, I already miss him. He has to learn a lot of dances and stuff. He said he is going to sing "Quit Crying Your Heart Out", by Oasis. He loves that song. He used to sing it to me. I heard my phone ding. Harry.

Him: Hey babe, I'm about to sing for them, Wish me luck xoxo. I miss you so much it's crazy! I love you, see you soon. I'm actually kind of nervous. :/

Me: I miss you too. Good luck! Don't be nervous. We had sex at a mini golf course, how can anything make you nervous(: I love you, Har Bear. Thinking of you.

Him:  You always know what to say(; I'll text when I know something. Lots of love :*

I didn't text him back. He was about to go on, the last thing he needed to worry about was texting me back. I went down stairs and told Anne. "He's about to go on." I said, looking at my hands. "Is he scared?" I nodded and held up my thumb and index finger. "Just a little." She laughed. It was really quite without him here. "I guess now we know why it's always so much fun around here." I shouldn't of said that. "He has always been the life of the party." Anne said quietly, she too, looking down. "You know, since he's not here, he can't tell me no. Do you want to look at baby pictures?" I smirked and said yes. We looked at pictures for ages. Each one bringing a bigger smile on both of our faces. Harry was literally always been picture perfect. Even as an infant, he was a adorable. We went to bed at midnight. I left my phone on Harry's bed. (I've slept in his room every night since the audition.) 7 new texts. Harry.

Him: They loved it. I love you, baby!
Him: I love you, I hope you're proud.

Him: Did I do something. I'm sorry.

Him: Nicole?

Him: I'll come home. Forget this whole thing! You're all I need.

Him:I love you Nicole. Only you.

Shit. I texted him back. I explained everything. I felt terrible. Absolutely, awful. We were up until 3 talking on the phone. Apparently there was a boy, Zayn, I think.Well, apparently he didn't know the dance moves, and he tried to hide backstage, but Simon helped him through it. Harry said he was really good though. "Babe, I'm really tired, and you've got to wake up early. I love you, so much." Other end, silent. "Harry?" Silent. "HARRY!" "I'm sorry, I just like listening to your voice. It soothes me. I love you too baby." I was silent. "Nicole?" "What, I'm the only one whose voice soothes people?" We both laughed. " I love you babe, but you've got to get up in 3 hours. Go. To. Sleep." He made a kiss noise through the phone. "A couple more days." "Okay." I hung up. Anne knocked on his door, she had sleep in her eyes. "Why are you still up?" She asked. Although, she was barely talking. "Harry called. Sorry, mum!" I had a tendency of calling her that. "It's" She yawned. "fine." She left and I tucked myself in his bed. I took a whiff. Harry. I cried myself to sleep. Third night this week. I woke up at noon. School was over for the year. Forever actually. I finished school early. Harry had texted me.  "Tomorrow is when we find out if make it to live performances. Fingers crossed. I love you. Text me when you wake up. I did. Just a simple "Fingers, and toes." He didn't text back, so I went down stairs. No one else was awake. I turned on the TV. After a while, I realized it was too quite. I looked out the window. All the cars were gone. I called Anne. "Where are you guys?" "Out." She hung up. Okay? I texted Harry again. Hey, all I said. Nothing. Probably asleep. I watched Spongebob until 5. Anne came through the door. "Hey where were you?" She just walked past me. The Robin came in. "Whats wrong with Anne?" He shook his head. "Gemma thinks she might be pregnant with that guys Greg's baby." My jaw dropped. "What?" He nodded his head. "She is unbelievably disappointed." He shook his head and ran into his room. Gemma walked in crying. Crying harder than I'd ever seen her cry. I ran and gave her a hug. She wrapped her arms around me and her head fell on my shoulder, completely hopeless. We stayed like that for a while. "Mum, shouldn't have to go through this. With Harry gone. This is to much for her. I don't even know if I am. I just missed my last period, so, it's possible." She couldn't talk anymore. "It's okay! Lets go upstairs, yeah?" We did. I put her in bed and she didn't come out until late the next morning.

Him: Nicole, I didn't make it. :'( Coming home sooner than I thought.

Me: You're still my number one. :/

He didn't text back. Not for awhile at least. When I told Anne she cried. She cried so much. I didn't know why. Happy tears maybe? Her son coming home? I don't know. When he texted back, I, was the one crying. I was crying a mixture of happy, sad, and shocked tears. What was I supposed to think.

Him: They called me and four other boys back. Babe, they put us in a group. We are going to live performances. ....but I won't be home for a long time. Zayn Malik(the one who hid behind stage.) Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson. Louis and I have talked a few times, really cool guy. You'd like him. We get to come home for a couple weeks. See you soon can't wait!<3 (: Love you baby girl.

Me: Harry! That's amazing! What did I tell you! You're amazing! You guys should stay in the bungalow! I wanna meet them! I love you! Congratulations, you deserve all of this. You're gonna go far. I swear it. I can't wait to see you. I literally cannot wait. You have to come home. I miss you so much. I'm so proud of you <3 (: Love you Harry(:

They came home two days later. They got dropped off at the house at noon. I got up at 6am and I had been out there ever since. Still in pajamas. I freshened up my make-up and put my hair in a pony tail. I got a water bottle and waited. When the cab pulled up Harry was out of the car before it even stopped. I ran up to him and he picked me up. I kissed him, and he spun me around. "I missed you so much!" I said as the spin came to an end and he put me down. He grabbed me really tight. "I missed you too!" We had little moment. We just stood there and held each other, looking in each others eyes. After about five minutes the rest of the boys came out of the cab. I heard a sweet Irish voice say, " I hate to ruin your moment, but we're ruinnin' a tab mate." I snapped out of our 'moment' to see four boys standing with a lot of luggage. Not one of them was ugly. Not ugly in the least. The blond caught my attention. Pretty blue eyes, blond skater hair, skinny. The tallest one, Louis, payed the driver and Harry and I helped with their stuff. "I'm Niall." He said struggling to carry his crap. I was wearing very short shorts and one of Harry's shirts. "Quite the body on that one, eh?" Louis said to Harry. "Oh shut up you wanker." I heard the mini conversation behind me. It made me blush. I knocked on the door and Anne answered it. "He's home." I mouthed to her as I walked through the door.

I let Harry talk to his family for about half an hour. I couldn't resist. I dragged him upstairs. "You know what time it is." He put on a condom and we had Welcome Home sex. It lasted for about an hour and a half. He was in my when I said, "We should probably go downstairs." He laughed, finished his job, and we got dressed. I kept half of my closet in his, and his in mine. I wore cheetah print shorts and a white Hollister shirt. Harry wore a baby blue v-neck and white shorts. I fixed my hair and make-up and we walked downstairs holding hands and Niall's eyes were on me. It made me blush for some reason. I sat in his lap on the couch. It was a full couch. The boys, Harry and I, mum, Robin, and Gemma. "Have fun?" Louis joked. Harry nodded and squeezed my thigh.

They all slept in the bungalow the first night. I could hear them singing. They all sounded so good. I sat in the kitchen until 1am just listening to their voices. I heard someone coming from outside so I shot up and ran to the sink. It was Niall. "You still up?" He asked as he opened the slide door. "Yeah, you guys sound good together." I was nervous, why was I nervous? "Thanks, Uncle Simon thinks so too, I guess that's why he put us together." He laughed at his self. His laugh was cute. "Yeah." I nodded and acted like I was busy. "I just came to get some chips, I can leave. Come back later?" He was getting closer. "No, you're fine." Why the hell was I so nervous. "What kind of chips?" "Doritos." I handed him the Doritos. 

"Thank ya."


"You seem distracted."


He got closer. "Thirsty?" He nodded. Then, He kissed me. Niall Horan, kissed me. I kissed him back. He out his hand on my neck and kissed me. The kiss lasted for about a minute or two. I pulled away. "I can't! I love Harry!" He nodded. Then, I woke up. I shot up in Harry's bed. "Why did I just dream that I kissed Niall? I love Harry!" I said to myself. "Harry."


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