The New Girl in Cheshire!

Nicole Johnson. No one special, just a girl from Cali. In 2010 she got accepted into a foreign exchange student program, and in just a week, she would be heading off to a new family, a new life in Cheshire. It doesn't take long for her to find someone she likes, but is the feeling mutual, or is it all a love game?

This is just a little notice that this story might contain PG-13 content in it. So if you haven't had "the talk" with your parents, stray from this story.
You were warned(:


22. "Decisions"

I rolled over and kissed Harry to wake him up. The memory of last night flooded back in my mind. Candles, clothes on the ground, whipped cream. It was a strange night. "Good morning, beautiful." His sweet British voice leaving chills on my skin. "Harry." I smiled. He kissed me and rolled on top of me. I rubbed his back and our chest pressed together. "I love you." I said bringing our lips back together. He groaned and rolled back over. "What?" I sat up on my shoulder, facing him. "I can't believe what those girls were saying to you on Twitter." He rolled his eyes and huffed. "It's ridiculous." I laid next to him and rested my head on his chest. I still hadn't made up my mind on what to do. I loved Harry. I loved him more than anything, but I can't put myself through that again. I almost killed myself, do I want that again. I sighed. "What is it love." I needed to talk to him about it. "Harry, you obviously remember the accident." He nodded. "Well, I did because of Felicity and all the hate I was getting. It's starting again Haz. I don't know what I'll do if." I started crying on his chest. "I don't know how I'll take it again. They were saying very vile things, and for what? They don't even know me." He was silently stroking my hair. I listened to his steady heartbeat and felt his warm breath on my head.  "You'll be safe with me. I won't let it get out of hand. I promise." I know he was sincere, but promises, no matter who was making them, felt empty to me.

We changed out of our pajamas and walked downstairs. It was eating me alive. What the hell was I going to do. Words were inadequate when trying to explain how much I loved Harry ,but who did I love more? Him or myself. I had a hard decision to make, and only two days to make it.

I got on Twitter wrapped in Harry's warm to see if anyone else had said anything. They had. I was on Harry's profile and it was horrid. "Nicole? What kind of name is that? Sounds like a wanker if you ask me? The bitch." "Have you guys seen the fucking monster? She looks like a bat out of hell!" "Go run in front of a train!" Almost all of them were terrible. I read a couple that were nice. "If Harry's happy, I'm happy. Let them be, it's not like any of you guys have a chance!" "They are a really cute couple, shut up guys!" "I hope they stay together. Harry, don't listen to these people. They are clueless." I re-tweeted all the nice ones just show the mean people off. Harry reached for my phone but his hand "slipped" and he was touching my boob. I left it there and he moved his hand around, making me want him. "Harry." I let out half moaning. I turned around so I was on top of him and kissed him. He pushed me off and he was blushing. I honestly didn't know why he still got embarrassed when he had a boner. I didn't mind. I rolled back on him ignoring his resistance. I kissed him harder, him getting harder. I moved my hand on his neck and felt his goose bumps. He moaned and I smiled. He placed his hands on my bum and I on his. We made out for about ten minutes before Gemma walked. "I'm not pregna-" She stopped when she saw us. I lifted my head up, freed one of my hands and shooed her away. Harry pulled me back down and we continued making out.

It was 9pm and I still hadn't made up my mind. We were trending on Twitter . #noHicole. It hurt. Why couldn't they just let us be happy? It really gutted me. I ran upstairs and fell on his bed. He came shortly afterward and picked me up. "Whats wrong?" I wasn't crying, I was going to stay strong.  "I CAN'T DO THIS." I yelled at him and made him put me down. "HARRY, I CAN'T DO THIS." His eyes widened. "Baby." He hushed his voice. "HARRY, I'M GOING TO FALL APART AGAIN. IT HAS TO STOP, OR I DON'T KNOW WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN. I don't know." I fell to my knees crying. He had never seen me like that before. He knelt in front of me. "Nicole." He pulled me in his lap and pulled me close. "Harry, they hate me. What did I do? How did I hurt them so bad that they want me dead." He kissed my forehead. "I don't know. They're jealous of us. It doesn't matter as long as we're-" I cut him off. "As long as we're happy? Harry, look at me. They are going to ruin me. I can't. I knew it would be hard, but this is more than I expected." I shook my head. "Can we just go to bed?" I asked getting up. "Yeah, please don't let this happen." He said crawling in bed next to me. "Please."

My dream.

I stepped out on stage holding Harry's hand. Thousands of girls were screaming. Suddenly they all started coming on stage and Harry and the boys dissipated leaving me alone on the stage. They were all charging towards me. I tried to run but my legs locked up. I called out for Harry, but no one came to help me. I called louder. He didn't show. Then all the girls ganged up on me, trampling me, bruising me.

I shot up and I was breathless. I looked around and Harry was gone. I got my breath back and got out of bed. He wasn't in the bathroom. "Har?" I called. "In here!" He was in Gemma's room. I sat in his laps and he wrapped his arms around me. "Good morning." Gemma said, and Harry kissed me. "We're just looking through old stuff to see if he wants to take any of it back with him." Gemma said looking through a box. "Oh." I mumbled. I wasn't in mood for conversation. "I'm going to go talk to mum." I said kissed Harry and walked out. I was pretty sure I knew what I was going to do, but I needed to talk to Anne.

She was in the kitchen baking "goodbye" cookies. "Anne, I need to talk to you." She looked up and saw the serious look on my face. "What is it sweetie." We sat down at the table. "Lately a load of fans of Harry's have been sending me death threats and hate about dating him, and I can't handle it." She nodded her head. "What do you want to do?" I teared up. "I've been thinking about it a lot. You know how much I love Harry. I love him more than anything in the world. He's my everything and I want to be with him forever and ever. But I love myself more. We all know what happened the last time I went through that shit. I almost died." I was crying. "I think if I stay with Harry the hate will get harder and harder to deal with and I'm to fragile to handle that. I wish it didn't have to come down to this, but it has and I can't do this. Anne, you know how important Harry is to me, and I will always love him. I don't think I can do it. I can't do it, I love him to much, but it has to happen or else there won't be a Nicole Styles anymore. I HATE THIS." I was crying so hard and she had her hand on my shoulder. "It's okay, you can do it. Just tell him what you just told me and it'll be okay." She teared up and hugged me. I walked upstairs and into Gemma's room. "Hey Harry. Come here." I faked a smile and his face lit up when he saw me. I pulled him in his room and made love to him for the last time.

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