The New Girl in Cheshire!

Nicole Johnson. No one special, just a girl from Cali. In 2010 she got accepted into a foreign exchange student program, and in just a week, she would be heading off to a new family, a new life in Cheshire. It doesn't take long for her to find someone she likes, but is the feeling mutual, or is it all a love game?

This is just a little notice that this story might contain PG-13 content in it. So if you haven't had "the talk" with your parents, stray from this story.
You were warned(:


7. "Day off" (13+)

When I woke up Harry was looking at me smiling. "Hello beautiful!" I smiled as the thought of last night replayed in my mind. "Hi!" That's all I could say, hi. "What time is it?" I asked Harry sleepily. "9:45. I thought we could skip school today. Just be together. Besides, you looked so beautiful, I couldn't wake you up." He smiled and crushed his lips against mine. "Sounds like a plan!" I said after I broke the kiss. I know I should feel guilty, but when I look in Harry's eyes...Tanner just escapes my mind. "I had fun last night!" I whispered in his ear for no one else to hear, even though we were alone....Whatever, it's cute. "I can't stop thinking about it!" He whispered back. God, how could he be so,so, so, sweet, but so... I don't know. I can't describe how he makes me feel."I really worked up an appetite. You were relentless." He winked, I giggled. "Let's go make breakfast!" I shot up........still naked. Harry looked at me and smirked. "God you're sexy!" I quickly reached for the sheet but Harry swiped it away! "You look better that way!" I rolled my eyes and walked down the little staircase. When I opened the little door it hit the arm chair with a bang! "Love, do you need help?" "Little bit!" He laughed and came down the little staircase. He opened the door so skillfully. His bare skin, it was enough for me to just say forget breakfast, and drag him back upstairs, but I stayed silent, and left myself dying for more. All the curtains were closed so there was no worry of anybody seeing us. Naked. "Babe, what do you want to eat?" I asked Harry. I didn't even mean for the 'babe' part to come out, but did. "You!" He laughed and I could feel him getting closer. He put his arms around my waist, and pulled me in. Naked. He started kissing my neck. "I'm serious!" I laughed. "So am I!" He squeezed tighter. "Fine then!" I shouted. It came out a little louder than I expected. "We'll just have cereal!" I broke away, I wasn't going to reward him for being horny. He followed me to the cereal cabinet, and he pinched my butt. "Stop it!!" We both laughed. He turned around and I felt guilty as hell. There were scratch marks all over his back! "Harry, I'm sorry!" He saw me looking at his back. "Don't worry about it. I think they're kinda sexy! Shows how good I was treatin' ya." Mhmm. His accent was so sexy. It gave me goosebumps. "He he, I love you!" OH-MY-GOD! Did I just say that! I mean I know I said it last night, but it felt different this time. Felt more, meaningful."Nicole.... I love you more!" He turned me around and made out with me. Naked!

Out of nowhere my phone started ringing! "Shit!" I yelled as I ran upstairs. I looked at my phone. "Tannerboo". He was calling me! "Harry!" He was right behind me! "Do I answer it?" I asked worriedly. "Just ignore it, he'll think you're a good girl. At school, in your uniform with Leah. Not at home, naked, cheating on him." He sounded irritated, and I let it ring as I walked over to him. "Shut up and kiss me!" I said trying to make him happy again. "I was hoping you'd say that!" He whispered while we were kissing!" My phone finally stopped ringing and I heard the little 'ding' that meant I had a voice mail! I slowly broke the kiss and walked over to my phone. "15 unread messages." "Holy crap!" I exclaimed. Every single one of them was from Tanner. I called voice mail.

"Hey babe! You haven't text me back! I'm worried, whats wrong? Did I do something! Please let me know!.......I love you!"

The 'end of message' sound came one, and I dropped my brand new Iphone. "Oh my gosh. He just said.. He... H-!" Harry stopped me with a kiss. "I saw you first, I talked to you first, I loved you first... You're mine!" He picked me up and spun me around! "I'm in love with you!" He passionately kissed me in the middle of my room! After about a minute or two, he pulled away. I was breathless. "Our cereal is gonna get soggy!"  He grabbed my hand and intertwined it with his. We walked downstairs and sat at the table. I finally calmed down and got my breath back. He sat in front of me and he just stared at me! "What?" I giggled. He makes me giggly. "I've never seen someone look so amazing, and beautiful in the morning!" I picked up my spoon, wiped it off, and used it as a mirror. Whats so "amazing" and "beautiful" about me? "Not too bad yourself." We both laughed and finished our cereal in a wonderful silence. "What should we do on our day off?" I asked him, emphasizes on the ours. "Oh I don't know? Watch movies, play with your stuffed animals, actually go to the movies, or replay what we did last night?" The last one made me smile. "All of them sound great, except for one. One sounds, amazing!" He leaned across the table and kissed me. His lips are so soft. I broke away from the kiss but only for a minute. I crawled across the table and sat in his bare lap. I pulled him close, I don't think it's possible to be closer than we were. I traced a heart on his neck, and played with his hair. He started getting...happy, and I got up. "Whats wrong, babe?" I still smiled. "I don't wanna risk, anything." He looked at me with understanding eyes."I understand!" He stood up, still happy, and checked me out. Getting happier. "Harry! Calm down!" He laughed, "How can I, when you look like that!" Right then and there, I needed him! "Upstairs now!" I ordered. He ran towards me grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his room!

"Somewhere, you and Felicity haven't, but somewhere new from last night." " I remember that babe! I was just getting the "stuff"!" He winked at me and grabbed the box. We went down stairs and outside into the bungalow. "You guys have really never done it in here before?" He shook his head. "Nope, she prefers the inside! 'Sex is already animal like. We need to do it inside, where humans do it'" He mocked Felicity. "God, she's so annoying!" Harry said. And with that, I pulled him down to the bungalow floor. "Let's do this poo!" Harry said! And three hours later we were done! "Woah, I think it's better the second time around!" I laughed as I put a pillow between our genitals and rolled on top of him! His back was bleeding! "Ugh, I'm sorry...again!" I turned my head away trying to hide my red cheeks. It's embarrassing! He took my chin with his thumb and turned my face to his. He kissed me and whispered, "You're perfect to me, and all these little things, like how you scratch me when you climax, they add up to a more perfect you. I love you!"

It had just occurred to me that I hadn't checked any of those messages! I shot up! "What love?" He followed me to the house! "The messages, I never read them!" He looked at me! "Why can't you forget about him? I love you more, I always will!" I almost started crying! "I know Harry, and I love you too, it's just not fair! This isn't fair to him or Felicity!" He nodded his head in agreement and kissed me! "I should probably check mine too, the little wanker probably texted me a million times!" We both laughed and got our phones! "Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!" I yelled! "TANNER IS COMING HOME EARLY!" Harry ran into my room! "Felicity is getting out of the hospital. In an hour!" We both stood there, with our jaws dropped. Naked.


I know I didn't finish the diary entry the after they did they dirty deed, but it's coming trust me.

Thank you guys so much for the views and the favorites! It means a lot that you guys like it(: Keep commenting! I love to hear what you guys think! Give me suggestions about future stories! Love you, loves!

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