The New Girl in Cheshire!

Nicole Johnson. No one special, just a girl from Cali. In 2010 she got accepted into a foreign exchange student program, and in just a week, she would be heading off to a new family, a new life in Cheshire. It doesn't take long for her to find someone she likes, but is the feeling mutual, or is it all a love game?

This is just a little notice that this story might contain PG-13 content in it. So if you haven't had "the talk" with your parents, stray from this story.
You were warned(:


3. "Aaaand..He's Taken"

"Hello, Nicole, I'm Anne, this is my fiance Robin, my daughter Gemma, and my son, Harold." They all smiled at me, but I was only interested in one. "I'm Nicole Johnson!" I said very shyly. I always got that way around new people. "Come on love, don't be shy. I swear we don't bite!" Robin laughed and offered his hand. I took the offer and shook his hand. I went down the whole lot of them and when I came to Harry my hand stiffed up. "Why are so nervous?" Gemma asked me with a smirk on her face. She knew exactly why I was nervous. I faked a laugh and Harry caught me by surprise with a kiss on the cheek. "Now Harry, do you think Felicity would approve of that?" Anne giggled at her daughters comment. Oh great, he has a girlfriend. I had a silent pity party, then out of no where an annoying blond popped up and almost knocked Harry on the ground. "I'm back, did you miss me baby?" She attacked him with an array of kisses. She didn't even noticed me until Anne pointed me out. "Felicity, this is Nicole." She flashed me a dirty look. "Oh, I was worried for nothing, that's clear." Harry smacked her arm and said "Well, I think she's pretty." He winked at me. I almost died, literally. She hit his head and he looked at her with a look pf pain on his face. "What, I'm just trying to knock some sense into you, I mean look at her." I prayed that she wouldn't say anything about my hair. "Look at her hair, ugh." My eyes started to burn. "Give it a rest, Felicity, it's just her first day." Gemma and Felicity both laughed. Harry just rolled his eyes. "How 'bout baggage claim?" Harry cut in their childish laugh. "Sounds great, let's go!" I said, my voice cracked. I had never gotten like this over a boy, especially not in such a short time.

The car ride to their house was awkward, Gemma sat in front with Robin, Anne sat in the middle with me, and Harry and Felicity were in the back, mostly kissing. Anne and I were talking and getting to know each other, I could already tell we were gonna get along. They lived about half an hour away from the airport, in Robins house. It was about 7:45ish when we got all my stuff set up in the guest room, well my room now. My new room wasn't half as big as my old one, but it was big enough for me. Robin helped me with my bed, and my big furniture, and Anne helped me organize my closet. I'm glad Gemma didn't help me, she would have just made fun of me. It was around 10pm when we finished, and I was starving. I walked into the kitchen and it was huge. All I could smell was roast beef, and potatoes. It smelled so good. My stomach growled and it sounded like and earthquake. Felicity looked over at me, "God, calm down. I know you're hungry, but God." Harry just rolled his eyes, and they started making out. Rolling your eyes isn't going to do any difference if you just make out with her afterwards. I just wanted to yell that at him. He was so out of my league, why did I think he would do anything for me. "Tea is ready!" I must have gotten a confused look in my face because Felicity said "It's dinner time dumb ass." You know, I didn't know I could hate someone in such a short amount of time.

We all gathered around the table for....Tea. Harry and Felicity obviously sat next to each other, Robin and Anne, and Gemma.....and me. Dinn..I mean Tea was weird. Robin and Anne are the only ones who talked to me. They kept asking me questions like "How was the flight?", or "How are you liking the UK?" But just one thing that they asked me, set me off. "So, Nicole, is there anyone special waiting for your return in California?" Robin asked with a snicker. My face turned red, and my voice decided to hide in my throat like a child playing hide'n'seek. "Um, besides my family, and my best friends Taylor and Andrew, no, not really." Gemma smiled, "Who would have guessed?" Anne glared at her. "Well, I see everyone is done eating. Let's go play a game." Robin said trying to change the mood. We all faked a smile and went into the living room. We played Apples to Apples. I didn't when a single round, and I guess that was funny because Felicity and Gemma just kept laughing at me. "I think I'm going to head to bed." I said in a low whisper. "Goodnight!",everyone except for Anne said. "Hey, let me take you up to your room" Anne smiled and stood up. "Thank you!" Anne was to sweet. "So how was your first night?" "Probably would have been better if someone could keep their mouth shut." Oops, did I just say that out loud?! "Yeah, Felicity does have quite the attitude. We have tried to talk to Harry about her but he says he's "in love". I think it's a bunch of malarkey if you ask me." I laughed a little, we were at the top of the stairs by then, and my room was at the end of a very long hallway. "You don't have to." She knew what I was talking about. "I mean, he obviously isn't giving her up anytime soon, and especially not for me."  "Why do you say it like that? You are a very pretty young woman, any boy would be lucky to have you, In all honesty I would rather have you as his girl friend, than daft little Felicity Skinner." We were at my room. "Haha, thank you! Goodnight, you are going to make this easier!" She kissed my cheek and I closed my door. "Goddamn it......he's taken." Those four words wouldn't have been such a big deal, if were the only one who heard them. 

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