My Heart Is For You

Hazel is a girl who is about 18 years old. She loves the band One Direction. Hazel is beautiful but she consider herself ugly. Her hair is pretty straight and curly. Once she went to a One Direction concert. Her mom surprised her with a One Direction ticket on her birthday.She was very happy. Her sister Heather hates One Direction. Hazel doesnt like her sister. Hazel went to the 1D concert. Her favorite is Harry Styles. When she got backstage passes to meet 1D she was very excited. The most exciting thing was that Louis asked for her phone number. She was surprised and happy. She found out that Louis asked for her number because Louis set her a date with Harry. Hazel was so happy like she wants to jump around. Read the story to find out whats gonna happen next..tnx.


2. The surprise!!

 Hazel went in to her mom. Hazel said " what is the surprise?." Her mom handed her an envelope. Hazel said " whats inside the envelope?." Her mom said " just open it up pumpkin." Hazel opened the envelope. She was surprise to see a One Direction ticket and backstage passes. Hazel said in happiness " Oh my gosh! Mom thank you!." She quickly hugged her mom. Hazel said " this is the best birthday ever! I cant believe im going to meet One Direction! this is so awesome!." Heather said " this is so THe Worst! im outta here!." Hazel said " mom thank you so much for this. Ive always wanted to go on a concert but i never got to." Mom said " HAppy birthday honey!." Hazel said " thanks mom." Hazel had a very fun birthday party. She was very excited. She just couldnt believe that she is going to meet One Direction. She is going to meet her future husband. She wish! After the party, everyone went home. It was 7pm and everybody had a great time except Heather. Hazel went up to her bedroom. She listened to One direction songs into her ipod. She sang along. She was kinda loud. Heather heard all the noise. Heather said in a really mad voice " Hazel Trenton!!!! Please stop it!!! You are very loud!." Hazel stopped for a moment.She said " sorry." Heather said " one more time Hazel." Hazel laid down on her bed. She smiled softly. Then she went to sleep. She had a really fun party and she love it so much!!

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