My Heart Is For You

Hazel is a girl who is about 18 years old. She loves the band One Direction. Hazel is beautiful but she consider herself ugly. Her hair is pretty straight and curly. Once she went to a One Direction concert. Her mom surprised her with a One Direction ticket on her birthday.She was very happy. Her sister Heather hates One Direction. Hazel doesnt like her sister. Hazel went to the 1D concert. Her favorite is Harry Styles. When she got backstage passes to meet 1D she was very excited. The most exciting thing was that Louis asked for her phone number. She was surprised and happy. She found out that Louis asked for her number because Louis set her a date with Harry. Hazel was so happy like she wants to jump around. Read the story to find out whats gonna happen next..tnx.


9. Continuing....

Mrs. Trenton said " What a!.". Heather said " what do you want? This is none of your business!." Hazel couldn't believe what she had just seen. She ran outside her house. She wanted to have a great time at her house but because of her sister she couldn't have it. She ran outside. She wished she had a friend to stay with to calm her mind. She sat there crying for what her life is now. She wished she'd had the life that she had always wanted. Is her life ever gonna change into good?. She sat on the bench. Her cellphone rang. She picked it up and saw Louis's number. She said " hello." Louis said in a happy voice " Hello Hazel! How are you doing now? Still lock up?." Hazel said " No I'm out now... But well... I wonder if my life is ever gonna change into good." Louis said " what do you mean?." Hazel said " It's hard to explain." Louis said " Oh this might not be a good timing." Hazel said " What do you mean?." Louis said " I was just gonna ask you about something." Hazel said " like what?." Louis said " well.... You see I know you love Harry." Hazel said " wait is he there?." Louis said " Don't worry he's not here. He went to the store to get some food." Hazel said " keep going." Louis said " So I know you love Harry right?." Hazel said " well... I kinda do." Louis said " Just tell me yes or no." Hazel said " Fine Yes." Louis said " Well I can't tell you everything. Harry already knew about this but all you have to do is come to Camille Park tomorrow and try to dressed pretty nice." Hazel said " Are you insulting me?." Louis said " No No No! I'm just trying to tell you to dress up nicely." Hazel said " Fine! I won't consider that as an insult." Louis said " all you have to do is come to Camille Park tomorrow and everything will turn magical." Hazel said " what? Why do you want me to go there?." Louis said " It's a secret. You'll just have to find it out tomorrow. Thanks I'll see ya! Feel better!." Hazel said " thanks!" They both hang up. Hazel went home without saying any word.
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