My Heart Is For You

Hazel is a girl who is about 18 years old. She loves the band One Direction. Hazel is beautiful but she consider herself ugly. Her hair is pretty straight and curly. Once she went to a One Direction concert. Her mom surprised her with a One Direction ticket on her birthday.She was very happy. Her sister Heather hates One Direction. Hazel doesnt like her sister. Hazel went to the 1D concert. Her favorite is Harry Styles. When she got backstage passes to meet 1D she was very excited. The most exciting thing was that Louis asked for her phone number. She was surprised and happy. She found out that Louis asked for her number because Louis set her a date with Harry. Hazel was so happy like she wants to jump around. Read the story to find out whats gonna happen next..tnx.


4. Backstage with One Direction

 Hazel went backstage to meet one direction. She couldnt believe it. She got backstage. She was so shy. Niall said " Hi." Hazel said " Hello." Niall said " How are you doing?." Hazel said " fine I guess." Niall said " Take a seat if you want." Hazel said sitting down " Thanks." Niall was the only one whos talking to Hazel. Niall said " so whats your name?." Hazel said " My name is Hazel."  Niall said " Hazelnut ice cream?." Hazel said "  What??. No im not a food duh." They both laughed. Louis went to Niall. Louis said " Niall I need to talk to you." Niall said " ok" Harry was staring at Hazel for a long time. Hazel didnt even realized it. Louis whispered on Niall's ear. Hazel couldnt hear it. Niall said " oh" while looking at Hazel. Niall said " thats great." Louis said " yeah now go." Niall walked away. Louis sat to the seat where Niall was sitting. Louis said " Hi." Hazel said shivering " Hello." Louis said laughing " Are you cold?." Hazel said " totally." Louis said " wait ill be right back." Louis went up to Harry. Harry took off his sweater (the one he always wear on concerts). Then Louis came back to Hazel and handed the sweater to her. Hazel said " whats this for?." Louis said " for you to not be cold." Hazel said " but this is not mine this is Harry's." Louis said smiling " dont worry you'll get used to it." Hazel said " what?." Louis said " nothing. Whats your name?." Hazel said " My name is Hazel. Niall called me a " Hazelnut ice cream"." Louis said " what? really? dont worry about Niall he is such a food lover." Hazel said " yes he is." Hazel covered herself in Harry's sweater. Louis said smiling " You look good in that." Hazel said " nah this is not even mine." Louis said " Whos your favorite in one direction?." Hazel thought for a moment. Hazel said " Im not telling you." Louis said "Why?." Hazel said " coz nobody needs to know." Louis said " well just tell me." Hazel said " Alright Mr.Tomlinson. My favorite is the one and only Harry Styles." Louis was so surprised in happiness. He smiled. Louis was smiling. Hazel was so confused. Louis said " Can I please have your phone number?." Hazel said "" Hazel gave Louis his phone number. Louis said " Thank You." Hazel said in confusion " Youre....welcome." Louis smiled. Hazel said " Um...I gotta go." Louis said " oh wait i need to call the boys first." Hazel said " ok..then." Louis called all the boys Harry,Niall, Liam and Zayn. Louis said " Shes leaving and we each need to give her a hug." Harry whispered to Louis. Louis whispered back again. Harry smiled. Niall gave Hazel a hug. Hazel smiled. Niall said " have a good day." Hazel said " thanks you too." Liam hugged Hazel. Liam said " thank you for coming and have a nice and fun day." Hazel said " thanks you too." Zayn hugged Hazel. Zayn said " Thanks for coming." Hazel said " youre welcome." Louis hugged Hazel. Louis said " Its nice to meet you Hazel. Youre a really nice girl and I hope I'll see you again soon." Hazel said " Thanks Its nice to meet you too and hopefully someday." Louis smiled. Its time for Harry to hug Hazel. Louis looked at Harry. Harry smiled. Harry hugged Hazel softly. Harry said " Thanks for coming and have a wonderful day." Hazel said " Thanks you too." Harry backed away. Hazel said "so....oh wait!." Harry said "whats wrong?." Hazel went up to Harry. Hazel said to Harry " I forgot to give your sweater back." Harry said " Oh its fine. You can keep it." Hazel said " but its your property." Harry said smiling " dont worry its going to be your property too." Hazel said " what?." Harry said " nothing." Hazel said " dont worry I'll take good care of it." Harry smiled.Hazel said " I have to go. Thank you guys. Its so nice to meet you all." Harry said smiling cutely " You too." Hazel went home.

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