My Heart Is For You

Hazel is a girl who is about 18 years old. She loves the band One Direction. Hazel is beautiful but she consider herself ugly. Her hair is pretty straight and curly. Once she went to a One Direction concert. Her mom surprised her with a One Direction ticket on her birthday.She was very happy. Her sister Heather hates One Direction. Hazel doesnt like her sister. Hazel went to the 1D concert. Her favorite is Harry Styles. When she got backstage passes to meet 1D she was very excited. The most exciting thing was that Louis asked for her phone number. She was surprised and happy. She found out that Louis asked for her number because Louis set her a date with Harry. Hazel was so happy like she wants to jump around. Read the story to find out whats gonna happen next..tnx.


5. Back Home

 Hazel was back home. She got inside her house. Her mom was there sitting in the couch reading a magazine. Mrs.Trenton said " Hello Hazel how was the concert?." Hazel said " it was fun. They were really cool and super nice." Mrs. Trenton said " thats good." Hazel sat on the couch. Heather was walking down the stairs. Heather said " hi mom." Mrs. Trenton said " hello Heather." Heather said " Mom I gotta tell you something." Mrs. Trenton said " sure honey im listening." Heather said " so can i have like a get-together party with my friends?." Mrs. Trenton said " oh so youre having a party?."  Heather said " no its a get-together party. Not a big party." Hazel said " so it is a party!." Heather said " SHhhh!!Its none of your business!." Hazel was really mad at Heather. Heather said " so can i have the party mom?." Mrs. Trenton said " well... I dont know Heather me and your father are gonna go on a very important meeting tonight and we'll be back in a couple of hours." Heather said " oh so im having the party?." Mrs. Trenton said " well.. you are in-charge of your sister and if you are having the party you have to ask Hazel's permission." Heather said " Really? Like seriously?." Mrs. Trenton said " Yes." Heather said sternly " FINE!." Heather went up to Hazel. Heather said " Hazel im having a b-- i mean a get-together party with my friends only and mom told me to get your permission which is unusual. So what do you say about it?." Hazel said " NO! You are not having a party here tonight! I dont like parties but im pretty sure mom doesnt want you to." Heather said " but mom and dad are going on a very important meeting." Hazel said " well.. im still here. You cant do the party when Im still here..." Heather said " You really dont care about me right?." Hazel said defending " Why? coz you care about me? since when did that happened?." Heather made a really mad look on Hazel.Heather ran up to her bedroom upstairs and stomping her feet and slamming her door. Hazel was so frustrated. She has hated her sister since she was even born. Heather is the kind of girl who is immature in some ways and who doesnt really care about people. She just cared about herself and when someone says no to her,she'll be so mad and frustrated. Thats how Hazel's life is now.

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