My Heart Is For You

Hazel is a girl who is about 18 years old. She loves the band One Direction. Hazel is beautiful but she consider herself ugly. Her hair is pretty straight and curly. Once she went to a One Direction concert. Her mom surprised her with a One Direction ticket on her birthday.She was very happy. Her sister Heather hates One Direction. Hazel doesnt like her sister. Hazel went to the 1D concert. Her favorite is Harry Styles. When she got backstage passes to meet 1D she was very excited. The most exciting thing was that Louis asked for her phone number. She was surprised and happy. She found out that Louis asked for her number because Louis set her a date with Harry. Hazel was so happy like she wants to jump around. Read the story to find out whats gonna happen next..tnx.


8. After the Party...

After about a couple of hours, Hazel was now really hungry. All she have from her room from yesterday was 4 chocolate chip cookies. She didn't even have any drink at all. The party was off. Hazel was so relieved. She thought her sister was gonna open the door. But she expected the wrong thing her sister was drunk. Hazel was so scared. She has never seen her sister drink. Hazel heard a car parking noise outside their garage. She was so relieved that finally her parents had arrived. Hazel couldn't open the door but her parents somehow had a key. She just wished that her parents would be there to see the party. Her parents went in to the house. The house was so messy. Mrs. Trenton said in a shockingly voice " What on earth did happened in this house?." Mr. Trenton said to Mrs. Trenton said " Where are the girls?." Mrs. Trenton called out " Girls! Hazel! Heather! Where are you 2?.". Nobody had answered. Mrs. Trenton walked up to Hazel's room and opened the door. Hazel said in happiness " Mom! I'm so glad you're here!." Mrs. Trenton said " What happened?." Hazel said " well as long as you guys drove off Heather had her BIG party and I didn't want her to have it but then she locked me up in my own bedroom so I wouldn't able to get out and ruined her party." Mrs. Trenton said " that's unusual. Speaking of Heather where is she?." Hazel said " I think she's maybe in her room and she was drunk." Mrs. Trenton said " What? That's crazy! Seriously..." Mrs. Trenton walked up to Heather's room and quickly opened the door without knocking. She couldn't believe what she saw. Heather was in her bed with his guy friend named Ken.
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