Every one knows. Everyone at school knows my case. Everyone trys to trigger me, and when I'm startled by it they snigger and tease. I sometimes wonder why I even go in. The teachers are full of time wasting crap and the kids full of endless tricks. But then, I know my life story will always have a focal point.point that, however hard I try, will not vanish in the night, fly away to some secret island. Writing this, I have one thought. More like a sound, I should say.

*Tick* ... *tick* ... *tick*
And so, it begins.


4. Physiatrist

I guess I should just let it out. Get it out with. 
I have been seeing a physiatrist for 5 years.

She has definitely helped me. I am so glad we decided to go to her. She is great and really understands what makes me feel fear but it's just that she can't fully get into my head and relate to my feelings; I mean of course not, she has zilch phobias!

Margie is 57 and works with fears and phobias, testing out new things, digging out the reasons and delving into what makes us so scared of these somewhat normal seeming things to others. By us I mean the group. Her group of deranged, unsocial freaks, restricted from allowing themselves free of their world. There's Angela, Micheal, Tony and Patty. I won't going to Patty's thing - it's too complicated and unknown - but Angela has a fear of water, Micheal is scared being inside for a long amount of time because of his childhood past and the incident within which has scarred him for life and Tony has Agrizoophobia, It's a fear of wild animals and Tony has never been anywhere other than England , where exotic animals are scarce and it's so cold that in some places zoo's aren't too common. A funny old fear to me, yet we all understand each other, because if someone were to say that to me, and not know my position or my years of struggling, I would be livid. 



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