Every one knows. Everyone at school knows my case. Everyone trys to trigger me, and when I'm startled by it they snigger and tease. I sometimes wonder why I even go in. The teachers are full of time wasting crap and the kids full of endless tricks. But then, I know my life story will always have a focal point.point that, however hard I try, will not vanish in the night, fly away to some secret island. Writing this, I have one thought. More like a sound, I should say.

*Tick* ... *tick* ... *tick*
And so, it begins.


1. Me, unfortunately

It's not my fault. Of course it isn't. Sometimes it's something you're born with, and sometimes it starts of as an irrational pet hate and grows. My mind is trying to escape, but because of who I am and what I've become, it'll never be fully released from this endless battle for freedom. If I could get rid of it I would - for the life of me I would. But that's not an option anymore. I'm stuck in this never-ending reality of mine, with nothing but this meaningless fear, where the situation can never improve, only ever get worse. 

I'm Orla Carter, I have Chronophobia, and to me, life is one huge countdown.

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