Every one knows. Everyone at school knows my case. Everyone trys to trigger me, and when I'm startled by it they snigger and tease. I sometimes wonder why I even go in. The teachers are full of time wasting crap and the kids full of endless tricks. But then, I know my life story will always have a focal point.point that, however hard I try, will not vanish in the night, fly away to some secret island. Writing this, I have one thought. More like a sound, I should say.

*Tick* ... *tick* ... *tick*
And so, it begins.


2. A bit of background

How about I fill you in with a little description of my life, think of it as a little insight to my world. 

You see, my full name isn't actually Orla, it's my 'preferred' name, as they say. My full name is Orlaith Carter. Never heard of it before? - I don't blame you. I've never met anyone else with the same name. When the day came where somehow everyone at school knew my real name, I told my parents that that weekend I wanted to go to the 'name-changing-place-thingy' to change my name. It's funny; I still don't know the official name. My parents just insisted that it was a ...' lovely name'...that 'others are just jealous' and also said to me...'your name is so eccentric Orlaith, like you'. From that moment on-wards I decided that I never anyone wanted to call me Orlaith ever ever again, no matter how eccentric it was.

That was a bad day, but not the worst.

But what surprisingly bothers me more is how my parents didn't give me a middle name. I love middle names. 

I just think that middle names always express people clearly - that they are the one other name you could imagine someone you know well having. Most middle names are beautiful, and so fitting to the personality of someone... Nellie Matilda... Rhydian Maxwell Owen... Lottie Amelia Ray... Oscar Alexander etc. I made those all up, although I am not sure whether Ray is a name. 

My Mum is called Siobhan. She's Irish so its an old folk name.

My Dad is called Robert (but everyone calls him Rob.)

Brothers? Sisters? Half-brothers? Half-sisters? Step-brothers? Step-sisters? Unfortunately, not a one. I have a cousin who lives in New Zealand... but I don't think she even knows I exist.

^Boring but necessary information. Oh by the way, I live in the very middle of North America in South Dakota, its funny how things are so easily forgotten, isn't it?! Well, some things at least.

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