My life

My life.


1. Read it know it.


My memory is blurred. I can’t remember things very well. It’s complicated. That’s just how life is. All i can remember is that when I was 2, my parents left me in Indonesia to find a better job. I was little that time. I didn’t know a thing. All i knew was that my mother cried her butt off when she left me. I was born in the year of 1998. That’s when there’s enough riots going on in Indonesia. The non-chinese indonesian( which mean indonesians do not have ancestors that came from China) were the one who started riot and try to kill all the Indonesian-Chinese people because they thought that because of them, they’re poor and it’s hard for them to find money because the indonesian-chinese owned almost everything.

         I am indonesian-chinese. I wish my ancestors were also korean,japanese and a mix of dutch. But you know, I don’t really know. I will know when the time comes. i live with my grandma and uncle now. I love them with all of my heart. My parents asked them to take care of me while they’re gone. Of course they said yes. So i started school there you know and everything. It was great but as years passed by, it’s getting worse. Before i live with my grandma and uncle, i lived with my aunt. That’s where i know and met my cousin Robby who’s a year younger than me. He is pretty much the opposite of me. I also met my other cousin named Venny. Out of 3 of us, I was the bad one. I steal and do crazy things when back then. Robby who I used to live with pretty much obeys every single thing that I told him to do. He’s very innocent. Then months later, my aunts were tired of taking care of me and they’re planning to move to U.S so i had to move in with my grandma and uncle.

          It’s very fascinating that I was one of the most genius kid back then in Pre-K and Kinder-garden. I won the scholarship crap in Kinder-garden. Then my uncle decided to put me into a magnet school so i had to move. It was a Christian school. The school was called Almasih. In Monday morning we always go to the Chapel and praise God and hear God’s words. Again, I was dumb or let’s just say slow back then and pretty much clueless. I didn’t have much friends and it’s hard for me to get make new friends. I finally decided that I should try harder. So there’s this one day in 1st grade where I came up to this one girl named Fiona. I thought she was innocent and all but oh my gosh that’s a no no. I started talking to her and hang with her I guess. I didn’t know why but I guess me and Fiona were meant to be enemy-bestbud. Then later one I met another friend of mine named Givenly. She’s very nice and skinny. She’s such a sesshy like me. I used to be a girly girl back then. Me, Fiona and Givenly. 3 of us were pretty childish. There was this one time where they accused me of swearing even though I didn’t. Of course I cried back then. Because I DIDN’T say crap. I attended the same tutoring class with Fiona and Givenly. Trust me, without tutoring class, you can never pass any grades in Indonesia especially when you’re in Almasih.

           I saw this one guy and one girl. They were going out. They were in the same class as me. The guy name is Reiza and the girl name was Valentine. I heard the rumors saying that Reiza kissed Valentine in the classroom. I find that cute but you know I just kept that thought to myself. I took English lesson and people say I’m good at it just because I get good grades on it always. Conference week and things happened. I went to my school with my uncle. I saw my friends with their parents. I feel.. empty. I wish that I could feel the parental love that they’re feeling. 

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