Arianna, Julianna, Ayesha are sisters, they lost their father, mother, the rest of their civilazation and they have no where to call home anymore. With all the pain they have been through, they can no longer bear it anymore. They all agree to jump of a clift but, these boys save them and convince them not to. When things start to seem better for the sisters, things only get worse with other wars breaking out around them. How will they ever survive all of this?


2. Running Away

Ariannas P.O.V.


I had just woken up, and turned my head to the side, to see that Ayesha and Julianna were still asleep, holding onto each other for warmth. A's dirty-blonde hair was strewn all over the ground, and Julianna's chocolate brown hair was also a mess, it was in tangled knots all over her head, parading down her back. Oh well. That is not our biggest problem. We need to get them up and run. He is probably looking for us right now, and the second he finds us, he will kill us.

After about an hour, I heard A and Julianna start to moan, toss and turn, which means they were getting up. Good. Now we need to get out of here, and fast.

"A, Julianna, get up. We need to move." I hissed.

He had time to find us. He is probably close. I had given my two sisters time to get up, and then we continued on our way, to get away from him as fast as possible. We had continued on running, and so far, pretty good. We had gotten about ten miles away from when we escaped. We had found a nice little, rock wall -that with a little help, could become a house. We had found a bush full of delicious berry's, that -Thank god- aren't posionous.

We were talking for a long time whilst fixing up the little shelter. About what we would do with Mother gone. I knew this was hard on all of us, but A was taking it pretty hard. She wasn't her bouncy normal self.

"A, look at that rats nest on your head, it looked like something died in there." I joked, trying to lighten the mood. It didn't work.


"Guys, it's getting dark, let's go to bed." I suggested.

We had all gotten quiet, and started to drift off to sleep, when I heard the slightest sound of old leaves and twigs crunching beneath the sole of someone's boot. I thought we were fine. It may be him, but what are the chances? A and Julianna got scared, and started freaking out. I reached out my arm and covered both of their mouths to make them be quiet. The sound came closer. Maybe he found us? Maybe he sent people to find us? We were quiet, and exhailed a sigh of relief that it was just a little mouse.

"I found you." A voice spoke, that sounded like it came from mid-air.

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