Arianna, Julianna, Ayesha are sisters, they lost their father, mother, the rest of their civilazation and they have no where to call home anymore. With all the pain they have been through, they can no longer bear it anymore. They all agree to jump of a clift but, these boys save them and convince them not to. When things start to seem better for the sisters, things only get worse with other wars breaking out around them. How will they ever survive all of this?


3. Escape - Again

Julianna's POV


  I started to cry. Out of all my sisters, I am the weakest. This was torture, escaping only to be dragged back to the camp by this ugly, stupid thing. Conrad chained us to a tree, to ensure we didn't escape during the night. They made sure Ari was knocked out the whole time, so she didn't do one of her "tricks" again. I cried myself asleep.

  After - what?Two hours? Three? - I was woken up by Ayesha.

  "A, what's going on?"

 "We need to get out of here!" She exclaimed.

  "Yes we've been through this, but how?"

"Do what Ari would do, use your ability."

"We don't have any, we didn't developed them yet." I depressingly stated.

"What if we held hands or something and used them together, maybe we could get a knife or something?"

"OK lets try, hold Ari hands and concentrate."

  The chains broke and then we were free. A and I hauled Ari up around our shoulders and ran/stumbled away. Even though I am the middle child, Ari is the most responsible, as the oldest. I can never get it together, I'm always the one about to fall apart.

Ari awoke about a half hour of carrying her butt, literally. We quickly caught her up on what happened and set out again in search of a new place to stay.

 As we were running, I looked down at my arms. They were tinted green because I was with in 5 feet of another troll. I paused to take a brake, and as my sisters pulled ahead, my skin lost it's green glow, as I called it when I was little.

  We finally couldn't run any longer. Since we had left the hunters asleep, I doubted they'd notice our absence until the morning. We found a good, comfortable place to sleep. I fell asleep almost instantly, wondering what we would do in the morning.

  When I woke up, or rather when Ari woke A and I up, we started to talk.

  "What do you think, A?" Ari asked.

  "I think I want to die. We have nothing left. The hunters have taken over, the earth is dying so we'll eventually die anyway, we'd need inspiration to keep it alive."

  "I think you're right," I said. "Our life is connected to to earth's. We'll eventually die if we don't find another civilization soon, and I don't know where they would even be or if their're even alive,  so should we do it?"

"Yes," A and I said in unison.

  "Ok, we just need to figure out how we're going to do it," Arianna said.

"Lets look around, maybe we'll find something."I suggested gloomily.

"Guys, I don't want to die painful. Will we die instantly?" A asked shaking.

"Yes, we'll make sure it's painless," Ari assured.

We walked and walked to try to find something we could use to make it painless, and every time we walked even farther from what used to be our civilization  my heart became heavier and darker, filled with eternal grief.

  "Hey." Ayesha said, "Look. A cliff. We can jump off, do you think we'll die instantly?"

  "Yes we will. Let's go," I said. We headed for the cliff.

  We automatically held hands, hoping to never let go, even through death. We looked at each other and nodded, signaling time to jump.



"3-uhhh" We couldn't finish the number 3 before masculine arms wrapped around us.

  Oh no, I thought, the hunters. I couldn't see my captor, but I could see A's and Ari's. But...they weren't hunters. They were...trolls?

  "What're you planning on doing?!" A's captor said. He had brown hair that was pushed just the right way, with hazel eyes that reminded me of a field of marigolds. Her was wearing a black T-shirt on that had writing that said,"Go green, help save the planet," he also wore dark blue basketball shorts and no shoes.

  "Commiting suicide?" Ari's captor accused. He was had ebony, curly,long, black hair with blue eyes the color of an ocean at night, with the moon's rays shining into them. They were so bright just like a star. He had olive tanned skin, with a green tint to it, reminding me of dirt with a thin layer of grass covering it. He was wearing a tight white t- shirt  with dirt smeared on it,showing his muscles, jeans and  again no shoes, of course since trolls don't like to wear shoes. 

  "Yes," I whispered.

  "Why?" my captor asked. His voice was deep, caring, comforting, and I wanted to just sit there and let him talk so I could listen. I'll say it - his voice made me feel hope again.

  "We have nothing left," Arianna's voice broke. "Our..our parents..." she couldn't go on.

  All of a sudden I knew what she was feeling. The feeling came over me, too. It was like the anti-hope. I didn't really have hope anymore, even though just a few seconds ago when my captor spoke I had felt hope for the first time in a long time. But then I was reminded of why we were jumping over the cliff  I felt small, hopeless, desperate, and the least important person on this planet. One look at A and I knew she was feeling it too.

  "So your jumping of because you feel like you can't go on." A's captor said in a deep voice.  

  We all nodded. My captor turned me around so that I finally saw his face. He had warm, brown eyes with dark, black hair. His hair fell over his eyes a little like the last thing he needed to do was get a hair cut. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt, and it showed how muscular he was. He was wearing jeans and was the only one wearing hiking boots.

  "That shouldn't be a reason, come with me," he said. Once again, I fell under the spell of his voice. He held my hand and guided me deep into the forest, to who even knows where. I looked around and saw the other's doing the same thing - holding hands and walking behind us.

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