Arianna, Julianna, Ayesha are sisters, they lost their father, mother, the rest of their civilazation and they have no where to call home anymore. With all the pain they have been through, they can no longer bear it anymore. They all agree to jump of a clift but, these boys save them and convince them not to. When things start to seem better for the sisters, things only get worse with other wars breaking out around them. How will they ever survive all of this?


4. Civilization



 We trotted through a black and dark, but also green with scenery, beautiful part the endless forest, known as "The Zoley".We all walked hand in hand with our captors, maybe in case we decided we would try another suicide mission, but I loved the way his hand sent chills through me, chilling my bone, then sending electricity through it shocking me back to life.  But, no matter how many times he heats me up or chills me down, my heart will always be heavy with death, despair, and grief with all that has become all that was the past and all that will be the future. He had the brightest  blue eyes I have ever seen, as dark a the ocean at night and as shining as a star in the sky. He was my star, forever. Wait...Where did this thought come from. I just met him. I didn't even know his name. Speaking of............

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Seth, over there is Arin," He gestured to the man holding A's hand. "The other one is Derek," He pointed over to the one holding Julianna's hand. By the looks of things they were deep in conversation. Both of them were. Lucky them, I'm over here stuck in this akward silence.

"That's Ayesha," I pointed over to A, on the left side of my, farther ahead of us. "That's Julianna." I continued, gesturing to Julianna, on the right of me, again farther ahead of us. We were lagging behind.

"Where are we going?"I asked getting lost in his eyes again.

"To our camp site, we were away on a mission to find some missing trolls from our tribe, the Rowa."

"I"ve heard about them, I thought they were exstint."

"That's what they tell you, but really we made a pact about us stating that we are to stay out of their lives, so they just tell you we're exstinct. What tribe are you from?"

"Why make the deal? I'm from the Tyre."

"Because, we got into battles and conflict, we were slowly wiping out eachother over stupid things. We did the only thing we could do, we just pretended your tribe wasn't there. Ah, your the first Tyre I've met, and I can see that they are very beautiful."

"That's stupid, and thanks." I stated. I tried hard not to blush, but maybe it wasn't that great of a compilment, maybe their women in their tribe aren't that pretty? Ugh, if we had more tribes we could of............

"Hey, why wouldn't they just call on you guys when we knew the Hunter's were slowly, but keanly wiping us out? Why not send a call for help?" My light bulb turned on. Why couldn't they just call on them, that would of solved almost all of my dilema's. My mom, my dad, the rest of the civilazation would still be alive. Tears were welling up in my eyes, blurring my vision. I tried to blink them away, they wouldn't leave me, I was not about to cry in front of him.

"I'm sorry, we didn't know. We lost contact when we made the deal. I'm sorry." He said soothingly and apoligeticly.

"It's ok, I'm fine." I assure him, even though I don't believe it myself. What are they going to do with us? "What are you going to do with us? Why not just let us die?"

"I couldn't watch you throw your life away like that. I couldn't bear to know that I would have witness your death and done nothing about it. I couldn't stand by just staring, and watching you throw it away, just like my sister did." I could hear his voice cracking. He must feel like I do right now, except our pain is fresh and it wasn't just our mother and father, it was everyone else too.

"It was our choice though. I'm sorry about your sister, want to talk about it?" I offered sympathethically.

"No, it's alright, you already been through enough." We went back to awkard silence after that.

 I huffed out a long, loud breath. How long are we going to walk? Atleast, if we talked it would keep my mind off of food and pain. I was starving, they already ate any food they brought when they left from their camp site. They said it wasn't that far, but right now, I beg to differ. We've been running for the past days, had very limited food from the Hunter's, and I can't walk straight her see straight. I think I'm suffering from muscle failure. I saw the root before I before it happened. I ended up almost face planting right over the root, but like every super hero, Seth's tight grip on my hand held me up, and he hauled me back up onto my wobbly feet, hardly supporting me at all.

"Woah there, can you stand up?" He asked, holding me tighly against his chest. My breath hitched into a werid breathing pattern, like the breathing you'd need if you were giving birth, except I wasn't, so why was I breathing like this? Maybe because of his nearness, or the sweet smell of lavender and trees that clung to him. I have never smelled anyone this sweet and fresh before. Maybe it's just their tribe that smells so delicous, or then again, maybe it's just me.

"I wonder what I smell like to him?" I thought. I sniffed and didn't come back with a pleasant smell, I smelled like sweat and blood, with a slight tang of dirt. I regretted smelling myself or looking down upon myself too. Dirt isn't a bad smell for us, but I wished I smelled like I usually do, and to me, that means roses. Not the best smell that could be on me, but better than others tribes, or so I've heard. I felt ashamed about the way I barely had any clothes left. I was wearing a tattered blue gown with lacing outlining the sides of it and of course, no shoes.

"Arianna?" I forgot he asked me a question. What was it? Something about standing up, I think. I tried to use the muscles in my legs, all I got was a shake. I shook my head, I didn't feel like talking.

"What's the hold up?" Derek called from ahead, a lot farther ahead.

I could feel Seth's chest rumbling as he spoke,"She can't walk anymore!"

"Ok! Can you carry her?" He called back.

"Yes! Go on ahead, we'll catch up!" He wraps his arms around me, and carry's me like a groom would for his bride. It was odd, but comforting not to use my legs, and just to gaze at him, as he continueously walked forward. I was no longer walking so I closed my eyes for a rest, and fell into the darkness that was much need, and was waiting for me, and took a nap.


"Uh!" Slipped between my lips as I felt electricity flow through me, hotter and faster, more lively than the ones I felt when Seth touched me. It caused me to writher in agony. What's happening?

"Come on breath! Come back!" I heard someone whine from my subconsious, someone that I distinctivly remember as A's and Julianna's. Where are they? I don't see them, all I see is darkness.

"A, Julianna? Where are you?" I called out into the blackness surrounding me. I got back nothing except an echo, one that was my own. I felt myself slipping, slipping into an unknown place. I wanted to go to that place, it seemed to me that it was the easier way, the better way. I wanted to take that path instead, but I looked at the other path I could take, It seemed harder, and the path A and Julianna wanted me to take. I was deciding wheather I should go with A's and Julianna's path or the easier path, the one I wanted to go on.

I gasp, another shock wave of electricity went through me, I could still hear A's and Julianna's voices in the background, slowly getting more audio the closer I stepped toward the harder path, A's and Julianna's path. More waves went through me, leaving more agony for me to deal with. I didn't have much time to decide, before the pain kills me. I ran around in a circle, confused, deciding to take the path to the right, and ran as far as I could, feeling like every step I take I'm it gets harder and harder to breath. At the point of which I solemly colapse and finally, opened my eyes.

"Uhh!" I suck in a bunch of air, never seeming to get enough of it. I couldn't breath. A and Julianna were hugging me tightly, making me breath harder into their crowns of hair, sitting on top of their heads. I hugged them back, still lightheaded.

"Wh-what happened?" I breathed out. I look around, there is one person I don't know, he had short, choppy black hair. No freckles, glowing green, odd, pasty skin and looked frazzled. I wanted to ask who he was, but I didn't want to waste the air. Seth, Derek and Arin were here, along with, of course, A and Julianna, gently crying onto my shoulder.

"You weren't breathing," Julianna choked out. Her puffy, red, eyes searching me, maybe to see if I was real or not.

"We thought you were dead," Added A, tears sliding down her eyes.

"It's ok, I'm ok now." I huffed out. "Just let me get some rest." Before they could protest, I laid back down on the makeshift bed I was on, closed my eyes, and fell into a different and more compelling sleep. Hopefully, going to wake up again.

I choose the path of life, the harder path, and I woke up from what was possibly death. The other choice was death,a choice that would have been easier, and was the more appaling path, I went with what my gut screamed at me to choose and chose this one, hopefully for a fantastic reason.




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