1D save me ~Completed~

Hayley and her two sisters, Hannah and phoebe get a once in a life time opportunity when hayley wins three backstage passes for a one direction concert. After they meet one direction they are asked to stay over at their hotel. They think that thier lifes are going to be perfect,that is until hayley gets a phone call that changes thier lifes forever.


27. Taking You Out

Hayley's POV

I walk inside and I hear something in the living room. I slowly walk in, the TVs on. I don't remember leaving the TV on. I turn it off and throw the remote on the couch. Someone grabs me from behind. ''Ahh, put my down!" I yell. They turn me around and I'm face to face with Niall. ''Ni!" I throw my arms around his neck. ''Hey there....Hayley?" He asks. I nod my head, confused. ''Oh yeah.'' I say, remembering the makeup all over my face. Niall laughs and hugs me holding me tight.

''Go get changed, I'm taking you somewhere.'' Niall whispers in my ear. He let's me go and I walk into my room. I finally have someone else in this house with me, I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not. I take a shower and watch the makeup run down the drain. I smile slightly to myself knowing I never have to do that again. Plus its my last year of school, and my last day is tommorow. I change into black jeans, a teal tank top, and light blue vans. I brush and put my hair in a ponytail. ''OK I'm ready!" I yell from my room. I grab my phone and shove it in my pocket. ''OK, let's go.'' Niall says pulling me to the car. 

We drive and drive, until we pull up to a little diner. ''This is an Irish diner, I think you'll like it.'' Niall smiles. I smile back to him. OK let's go!" I say excited. We walk in and get seated. We order and sit and talk for a while. ''Hayley?" Niall asks. His eyes look nervous. ''Yes Niall?" I look at him. ''I need to tell you something. I nod in encouragement. ''I...I...



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