1D save me ~Completed~

Hayley and her two sisters, Hannah and phoebe get a once in a life time opportunity when hayley wins three backstage passes for a one direction concert. After they meet one direction they are asked to stay over at their hotel. They think that thier lifes are going to be perfect,that is until hayley gets a phone call that changes thier lifes forever.


15. Special Day

Two years later. Hayley, Hannah and phoebe are all 15. The boys are older. Harry who is the youngest is now 21, so you can go from there. Riley who is Louis and kasey's son is about three. He has brown hair and brown,gray eyes. Olivia and the boys all live a few blocks down from Hayley and niall. Olivia is 15, and Hayley's best friend. 

Hayley's POV 

I look at my calendar. Its the day I've been dreading for months. Niall and the boys go on their tour today, and me and the girls start highschool next week. I sigh and walk into the kitchen. There is a hungry niall and no food in the fridge, the usual. ''So where are we going today to eat?" I ask. ''Well since I'm leaving today I wanted to make it special.'' Niall looked into my eyes. I've been noticing that niall has been acting different lately.

Not the carefree niall, but a shy, sometimes nervous . It makes me wonder, does he like me? No,Hayley that impossible, you've been living with him for almost three years your like family. I nod and walk back to my room. I slid on light blue skinny jeans and a lime green and white striped shirt maybe I spend a bit to much time at Kasey and Louis's house.

I slip on my lime green toms, yep definitely to much time. I laugh and walk to nialls door, leaning my back against it. The door swings open and I'm about to fall, but niall grabs me. ''You OK there love?" He asks. ''Yep just waiting for you.'' I say, popping my 'p'. ''Mk well I'm ready.'' He says. I nod and walk to the car.

''Shotgun!" I yell. ''Haha Hayley your the only one here.'' Niall laughs. I smile and slide into the car. Niall slides in beside me and starts the car. We drive up to a building I've never been to before. ''What's this?" I ask. Niall looks over and smiles, blue eyes shining. ''Laser Tag.'' 

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