1D save me ~Completed~

Hayley and her two sisters, Hannah and phoebe get a once in a life time opportunity when hayley wins three backstage passes for a one direction concert. After they meet one direction they are asked to stay over at their hotel. They think that thier lifes are going to be perfect,that is until hayley gets a phone call that changes thier lifes forever.


16. Laser Tag

I smile and get out of the car, racing Niall into the building. ''Have you ever played before?" He asks. ''No, but I've always wanted to.'' I say. He smiles again, oh goodness that boy's smile. No Hayley stop it! I smile and take the red vest he holds out to me. He takes a blue and tells me the basics. ''You got it?" He asks. ''Yep I'm ready.'' I say. I go and stand with the rest of my team. ''Hi.'' I hear someone say behind me. I turn around to find a boy with black hair and gray eyes smiling at me. ''Hello.'' I smile back. ''I'm Jack.'' He says holding out his hand. ''Hayley.'' I reply shaking his hand. ''So have you ever played, Hayley?" He asks. ''No but I'm really excited to try.'' I say. ''Well then I guess that I get to be the lucky guy to show you.'' He smiles. I giggle and blush a bit.

''Your laugh is cute.'' He smiles. ''Thank you.'' I say. The doors open to the Arena, and he grabs my hand. ''Follow me.'' He says. ''I kinda don't have any other options.'' I joke.  He lead me into a tower with lots of twists and turns. We finally reached the top and it had a full view of the entire area and was close enough to shot people. ''This is the best place to go, but modest people don't even try.'' Jack says proud. I smile and we both look out the window. A few minuets later I feel a pair of eyes on me. I look over and jacks face is inches away from mine.

''Your eyes are so beautiful.'' He says. I blush as he leans in. I do the same and our lips connect. I feel sparks flying everywhere. He pulls away and smiles. I giggle and go back to the window. We shot lots of people and end up tieing for first. Niall came in second. ''Wow I guess you a natural.'' Niall laughs walking up to me and jack. ''Yeah she is.'' Jack says. I laugh at the boys and shake my head. ''Hey Hayley I never got your number.'' Jack says. ''Well then I guess we will have to fix that.'' I laugh. We trade phones and I put my number in. ''There you go.'' I say. ''Thanks bye.'' He says, kissing me on the cheek. Niall looks at me with a confused look. ''Long story.'' I say. 


''Long story.'' She says. I just nod. ''Just great niall you waited to long and now she likes someone else.'' I think. I mentally slap myself as Hayley tells me the story. The whole tide home I act happy and excited for her but, it hurts. It really does. I want her all for myself. If only she wasn't 15. She would be mine. ''That's great Hayley.'' I say finishes her story. No, its not great its horrible. Is it bad that I think that? I just want her to be happy. I shouldn't get in the way....but...I think I love her.


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