1D save me ~Completed~

Hayley and her two sisters, Hannah and phoebe get a once in a life time opportunity when hayley wins three backstage passes for a one direction concert. After they meet one direction they are asked to stay over at their hotel. They think that thier lifes are going to be perfect,that is until hayley gets a phone call that changes thier lifes forever.


9. Kidnapped

Its been about 8 and a half months since niall got the phone call saying that the people who shot Hayley,phoebe, and Hannah's parents were coming after them. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened, but niall still keeps a close eye on them. One night while Louis and Kasey where at the hospital (yes Kasey had her baby its a boy!) Zayn and phoebe where at the movies and harry and Hannah were going rollerskateing. Niall heard a knock at the door. 

Hayley's POV

''Niall can you get that?'' I asked from my closet. ''Sure.'' Niall said. I heard the door open and something hit the wall hard, so I slipped on my vans and walked out into the hallway. "Niall!" I screamed, niall was laying on the floor by the wall. ''Oh look there she is.'' I heard a framiler voice say. "Brent?'' I asked. "Oh you remember." He said coming out from the living room, his golden eyes bored into mine. Brent went to prison a few years ago for killing dean, my cousin. "Its hard to forget the person who kills your favorite cousin.'' I say. "Well I think I took more then him away from you." He said smirking. "Get out I don't want to see you.'' I hissed. ''Haha you don't have that option kid." He laughed. Someone picked me up from behind and put a cloth over my nose and mouth. I tried to get out but he was to Strong, everything faded to black.


Hannah's POV

Me and harry just got back from the movies' and nialls door was opened. I looked over a harry and he shrugged so we walked to the living room. " I'm going to look in Hayley's room.'' I said, harry nodded. I looked around the corner and screamed, niall was laying I'm the floor by a wall and he was passed out. Harry ran over to hi. And checked his pulse. ''He's OK.'' He breathed. I ran into hayleys room, she's not here. Me and harry took niall to the hospital and I tried to figure out who would take hayley. ''She said his name was Brent.'' Niall whispered I looked up and niall closed his eyes again. Of course it was Brent! Ever since he saw hayley he's been obsessed with her he even killed dean because he was hayleys favorite. I have to find her, I will find her.


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