1D save me ~Completed~

Hayley and her two sisters, Hannah and phoebe get a once in a life time opportunity when hayley wins three backstage passes for a one direction concert. After they meet one direction they are asked to stay over at their hotel. They think that thier lifes are going to be perfect,that is until hayley gets a phone call that changes thier lifes forever.


4. A Phone Call To Remember

The next day. I wake up and look over to the other bed, Niall is still asleep. I look over to my phone and see it had a new voicemail its probley my mom its already 11:00 in the morning shes probley worried about us so i pick up my phone a liston to it, its not my mom its the police station they want me to call them back. "Thats strange." I wisper to myslef. Its probley just about my uncel who is in jail right now he needs money like every month and my mom didnt awsner so they called me. I was sure that was why so i called them back. "Hello police department." A woman said.

"Hi im hayley you called and said that i needed to call back." I said. "Oh yes ill get you the captin." "Umm ok." I said, the captin? "Hello Hayley, I am sorry to tell you this but someone broke into your house last night and shot your parents they both are dead." "Oh my goodness." I said. "Yes um we need you to come and you and your sisters need to gather your things I hope you do well good bye." "Wait!" I said but he already hung up.

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