Kaitlin's in the mall with her friends. She sees signs everywhere saying One Direction coming soon. She has NO idea who they are but she thinks the boy in the plaid shirt is handsome. She finds her self buying a ticket. See what happeneds next.


1. Who are they?

Kaitlin's POV

"Hey mum I'm going to the mall with Journee." I told her."Okay Hun be back soon!" I rushed up the stairs to get my phone out of my room. I dialed Journee's number.

"Hello?" She questioned.

"Hey its me. Mum said yes. When are you picking me up?"

"Oh! That's great news. I'll be over in five is that okay?"

"That's great. She you then. Bye."

"Bye." She hung the phone up.

    I had to go get ready so I went up to my room did my make up put some cacky skinny jeans, a plaid button up shirt, and a pull over on. *Knock Knock* I ran down the steps grabbed my purse and opened the door. "Hey." I said huffing and puffing out the door. "Hey you look so pretty Kaitlin." "You do too!" We got in the car and started to the mall. The great thing is we got there fast because there was no traffic. As we walked in the entrance I keep seeing people surrounding something like a poster on a wall. It was so weird. "Journee what are they looking at?" "I don't know. Want to check it out?" "Sure." We walk over to them trying to fit through the spaces. I got close enough to see four to five boys on a sign that said coming soon. I got pushed back out of the crowd and found Journee. "who's that those boys." I asked "One Direction! I love them you've never heard of them." "No." "but that one in the plaid is really cute, and I don't want to say anything because she might like him" I thought to myself.

Journee's POV

   Kaitlin's never heard of One Direction. My jaw droped. "WHAT!" I shouted out of shock. She jumped I scared her so bad. "Sorry I just can't believe you never in your in tire life heard of the one and only One Direction!" "No sorry but can we actually make it in the mall?" She laughed. We started in and went to 579, Spencers', and some other store's. "I will be right back. I'm going to toilet." Kaitlin said. "Okay. Hurry back." "I wondered where she is going the toilets that way" I said pointing in the right direction. I guess she didn't here me because she keep walking.

Kaitlin's POV

   I walk up to the booth. "Hello how are you doing today" the lady on the other side of the booth said. "Great. Thank you so much for asking." "So do you want to buy some tickets?" "Yes. Two please" I said very quietly just in case Journee saw me come over here. "$195.00." I handed her my card. She swiped it and gave it back. I said "Thank you." and walked off. I don't know who One Direction is but when I saw that poster my heart stopped. I have this filling that this is the right thing to do. Plus it well be Journee's birthday next week and the meet and greet is next week also. So now I got her a birthday present. She will love it she might even cry. This is a once in a life time thing for her. Will I start back and she is siting on a bench eating a sub sandwich "Journee are you ready?" I ask. She shakes her head yes and we start to walk. "I'm ready to go home I'm so tired and we got a lot of things." She said "Yes we do have alot of items. I am tired too. Do you want to spend the night I have something for you." I said getting into her car. "Yeah I will." She lives in her own apartment so she didn't need to ask anybody. "Journee?" "Yeah?" "I wanted to know if I could move in with you. Since you've asked me before and I turned it down." I said shyly. "Yes you can I have always planed for you too. I hate living by myself its so lonely." She said with a smile on her face. "so how are you going to tell your mum that you are coming to live with me?" "Well I don't really know. I guess just say it to her face and be like it just for a little while Journee fells unsafe by herself." We arrived at my house and got out of her sports car. "Hello mum. How was your day." I said walking in the door and trying to get her in a good mood. "Hello. Your in a good mood and my day was great. Hello Journee." She said coming to me to talk. "Hello mum." Journee said to my mum because we are that close. "Mum Journee's spending the night." "Okay! That sounds great." "Mum I have something to tell you." "Yes. What is it hunny?" She questioned. "Okay so you know how close me and Journee are right." "Yes. What about that?" "She wants me" I studered. "I want her to come live with me." She interrupted. "Okay I knew the time would come and its less of a hassle for you Journee." What she said yes. "YAY" We cheered. "Thank you mummy." "When are you packing?" She asked. "Tonight and leaving tomorrow. Is that okay for you?" Journee said polity.  We packed my stuff and called for a moving truck for tomorrow. 

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