Kaitlin's in the mall with her friends. She sees signs everywhere saying One Direction coming soon. She has NO idea who they are but she thinks the boy in the plaid shirt is handsome. She finds her self buying a ticket. See what happeneds next.


2. It's moving day. Surprise to come.

Journee's POV 

        I'm so happy she said yes. Today's the day she moves in with me. I've dreamed ever since 6th grade that my best friend would move in with me. Now that spare room has some point. "What time is it?" I heard  Kaitlin say. "10:30. Oh! We have to get up the truck well be here soon."  We both jumped up got some clothes on, did our hair, and makeup. As soon as we were done we heard a knock at the door. "I got it." I screamed down the steps. "Hello." "Are you Journee?" "Yes." "Okay. We are the mover's." "Okay. Great right up here." I led him to Kaitlin's room. He took her bed apart very carefully and took it to the truck. Then he did the same with the dressers, selves, and tables. While he was doing that me and Kaitlin got all the things that we packed and put it in my sports car. After everyone was done packing the truck and me and Kaitlin packing the car. Kaitlin and I gave her mum a hug and said goodbye and that we would be coming over on every Friday (If we could make it) to eat dinner. Then left, I hate that she had to leave her mum. She loved her mum told her everything and I could see a little tear in her mums eye. I was also so glad that she was moving in because then I wouldn't have to be so scared. On the ride to my house it was quit quite but then Kaitlin said. "You don't have to feel guilty for me leaving my mum. I need to have an experience of not living with her." "Thank you Kaitlin. Oh! And what was the thing you had to tell me." "Oh! you will find out later. Its a surprise." "Okay." We arrived at my house and when we went in I showed her her room. "I love it Journee its so beautiful." Then I showed the movers where to take it and told them to ask Kaitlin where she wanted the stuffed positioned at. 

Kaitlin's POV

"Oh! This is such a nice offer. I love it." I said out loud to myself. "Miss? Where do you want your bed." "Over there in the middle of the room." I said pointing to the spot I wanted it in. "And your dresser?" "On the  other wall please." "I think you can move the rest where you want it." The mover-man said. "Thank you so very much." We said smiling and waving as they left. Then we got the things out of the car, put them away and arranged them all around the room. "Thank you Journee. I am going to love it here." "I hope so." she laughed. 

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