My Reason

Avalon Young, Cousin Of The one direction member louis tomlinson is moving to England with her best friend Sage Sevina to live with her cousin and his band mates that she has never met. both Avalon and sage fall in love with 2 of the boys Liam Payne, and Harry styles.


1. Wake Up Call

-i hear your heart beat to the beat of the drum, oh what a shame that you came here with someone- 

My alarm ringer on my phone starts going off to the music of die young

"Ava turn off your alarm!" My Best friend Sage complains from across the room, weakly throwing a pillow from her bed to my head. The pillow misses my head by a couple inches 

"Haha Failure" I laughingly say, reaching over to my side to turn off my phone and check the time

" Oh Shit!" I yell rolling out of bed and onto the floor and quickly standing up

"What is it?" Sage laughs, sitting up out of her bed

"We need to be at the airport in an hour to head to london" I speak quickly running to the closet.

I looked around for something to wear. I put on my white hug me brotha crop top with neon pink shorts with matching pink vans and sage puts on a black hipstah please crop top with neon green shorts and black vans

"Ready?" Sage asks

"Ready" I say "Exepet you hair" I start cracking up as she looks in the mirror and sees the large wad of knots in her hair. She screams and scrabbels around her bag for her brush

" WE GOTTA GO YOU CAN DO YOU HAIR IN THE CAR" I yell, dragging her and her bags out the front door of the house to the car.



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