A summer of a Lifetime

Julie Daniels had a perfect life. She had it all. She was popular and pretty and had the best of friends. But then it all turned around. Her boyfriend broke up with her and started a terrible rumor about her. Her friend all bailed and she started getting bullied regularly. Finally it became too much. She nearly killed herself and after a long stay at a specialized hospital her parents took her and her little brother on a long vacation. Little did she know that this vacation would lead her to meet James.


7. Tournament?

I ran for the court. I was kinda late, and I didn't want James to think I stood him up. So I arrived panting and dripping with sweat on the volley court. He stood with his back to me, facing the water. He turned around and laughed softly at my ragged breath. I walked over and shoved his shoulder lightly. "You look amazing." He said and pulled me in for a gentle kiss. I let him and kept standing there after. He still had his arms around my waist. "Hardly. I look like shit in my training clothes." I laughed. I was dressed in a dark blue tank top with a light off-the-shoulder in grey and white stripes on top. On my legs I wore black shorts that reached just below my bum. My feet were bare and my hair was in a ponytail with a thin headband to take the remaining hairs. "No really." He said and pulled me a little closer. I felt his hands slide a little further down my back and laughed again. "Oh no no no pretty boy. I don't want any of that now. We have a game to play here." I laughed at him and slid out of his grip. His smile faltered a bit but came right back on. "By the way! The hotel is arranging a beach volley tournament! I think you should enter. You're awesome." "Really? I might." I said, then a thought popped into my head. "But only if you enter as my partner." I said with a mischievous grin. "I'll think about it." He smiled and served. 

We spent that afternoon much like the previous, playing volley all day long. At the end we collapsed in the sand from exhaustion. "So when is this tournament?" I asked. "Three days." "Please enter with me?" I begged and put on my best puppy dog face. He laughed a booming laugh at my exprsssion and threw his head back. I decided to act grumpy about it. "Are you quite finished?" I asked with a pouty face. He thought I was serious and apologized. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to laugh at you like that.." He started. Now it was my turn to laugh. "I'm not mad at you don't worry. But seriously. Come on! I hate to admit it but you're kinda good." I smiled. "Ok you are not being fair! How could I say no to that face." He said and held my chin between his thumb and index finger. He looked me in the eyes for a while before he pulled my face closer and kissed me. This kiss was different from the others we had shared. This was deeper and sweeter in so many ways. When we pulled apart our foreheads remained in contact. We sat like that for a little while. But then I heard a familiar voice. 

"Jules!" Joey screamed. Luckily for me he was too busy running to notice the position I was in. I jerked away from James and sent him the "sorry" look. Joey waved at us and I stood up and walked over to him. "What's up Joey?" "Mom want's you to come back now. You have to shower before we go out." "Ok I'll go say goodbye." I said and sent him back to the bungalow. I went back to James.

"What'd he say?" He smiled. "I have to go." I smiled sadly. "Ok. Will I see you tomorrow?" "Probably. See you later." I said and leaned in to kiss him. The kiss deepened and my fingers tangled in his hair while his hands moved lower on my back. I drew out after about ten seconds. "Ok I really have to go." I laughed and pecked his lips lightly. I untangled myself from his arms and ran back to the bungalow. Before my family could ask questions I locked myself in the bathroom and stripped down to shower.

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