A summer of a Lifetime

Julie Daniels had a perfect life. She had it all. She was popular and pretty and had the best of friends. But then it all turned around. Her boyfriend broke up with her and started a terrible rumor about her. Her friend all bailed and she started getting bullied regularly. Finally it became too much. She nearly killed herself and after a long stay at a specialized hospital her parents took her and her little brother on a long vacation. Little did she know that this vacation would lead her to meet James.


4. My story

Our bungalow had a little terrace made entirely of stones. It was in the direction of the beach and I sat on the low stone railing surrounding it. I closed my eyes and listened to the waves rolling up on the beach. I opened my eyes again and saw a drak sillouette against the water. From what I could see it was a boy a little older than me perhaps. I thought that it was probably James and when he raised his hand and waved my theory was confirmed. I swung my legs over the railing and walked down to say hi. "Hey. You couldn't sleep either?" He said when I was within earshot. "Yeah I don't know why." "So do you want to come for a drink?" "Sure. I'll go change. Wait here."

I ran inside and quietly yanked on a pair of torn shorts and a black see through tank. Underneath I was still wearing my bikini and luckily I hadn't removed my makeup and my hair was frizzy just the way I liked it. I grabbed a key card and left a note before I ran back out while pulling on my leather gladiator sandals. On the way I grabbed my little shoulder bag where my phone and wallet was still placed.

"Sorry to make you wait." "No problem. Let's go." While we were walking to the little bar he started what seemed like an interrogation. "What is your full name? What do you do in your sparetime? How old are you? And why is your brother so attached to you?" "Wow slow down!" I laughed. "My full name is Julie Serafina Daniels. In my sparetime I play volleyball and I'm 16. My brother and I have always been close but I had a big incident a year and a half back and for a while we didn't see each other a lot so now we're making up for lost time." "How sweet." He said but not in a bad way. He really sounded sincere. "Thanks. So now you answer your own questions." "Ok. My full name is James Anthony Murray, I am turning 18 in ten days and in my sparetime I either play rugby or bagpipes." I stopped dead in my tracks. "You're shitting with me right?" "What do you mean?" "You're scottish, you play bagpipes and you have semi-red hair." "That is all true. In my defence I only play bagpipes because it is required at my boarding school." "Oh I'm not judging you. I actually find it quite charming." I giggled. "Well in that case bagpipes is my passion. It is my whole world." I wacked him on the arm as we walked onto the deck of the beach bar.

"One beer and one...?" "Pina Colada." I hurried to fill in. The bartender eyed us with a glint in the yes full knowing that we weren't old enough to buy this stuff. But nonetheless he dished up our drinks and we sat down in the waters edge letting the waves wash over our feet.

"So can I ask what that big incident was?" He asked quietly. I closed my eyes for a moment and thought about it. I never talked about this to anyone. It hurt too bad. But for some reason I felt that I could be honest with him. So I told the story.

"When I was 15 I had this boyfriend. He was great. We really hit it off and I had a perfect life. But then he found someone else and broke up with me. Fair enough I thought. If he is happy it's ok. But for some reason he started a terrible rumor about me. He told everyone that I was addicted to alcohol and drugs and because of how I dress people believed him. Everyone started excluding me like it was conatagious even my closest friends. And then the bullying came. It was both physical and verbal. And the verbal bullying was by far the worst."

My eyes were now tearing up and my voice was affected by the tears.

"One day it was too much. I snapped. I went up to the school roof and jumped off the edge. I was in the hospital for months and after that I was transferred to another hospital. A mental one. I was there for more than a year and I only just got out. I hate that place."

He put his arm around my shoulder and I put my forehead on his. "I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I shouldn't have asked. I'm sorry." "Don't be. I chose to tell you." He didn't respond. When I had gotten back into my old self and we had finished our drinks we took a walk down the beach. And when the first beach ended we went to the next one. And the whole way we talked. About everything and nothing. About our lives and our parents and teachers and he was especially very interested in Joey. I think he secretly wanted a baby brother. Along with Amy of course.

He told me that his fathers business had a department in Copenhagen and I told him that if he ever wanted a night out I if he came along to give me a call. Then of course he would need my number and I typed it into his phone.

At the end of the second beach (There was three) there was a pier for tourist boats to dock on and we walked to the end and sat down. After another while of talking he looked at the ground and I thought I saw him blush slightly but it was too dark to be certain. He opened his mouth to say something but closed it again. But the second time he opened his mouth he asked "So can I invite you out for dinner tommorow?" I felt exitement bubble up inside me and stuttered "Yeah I'd... I'd love that." His face lit up in a bright smile.

"Hey what's the time?" I asked. He glanced at his watch and said "A bit past one." "Lort!" I screamed and shot up to my feet. (Lort means Shit in danish.) "What did you say?" He asked confusedly and got up too. "I have to go back but this was really nice." I said and turned around. I was already a good ways down but then I regretted it and ran back to him. I tiptoed to reach and kissed his lips. It started as just a goodnight peck on the lips but when I pulled away he grabbed the small of my back and pulled me back into a more passionate kiss. When we needed air we both pulled back and I bouced all the way back to the bungalow.

That night I slept as a stone and dreamt of scottish accents and red hair...

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