A summer of a Lifetime

Julie Daniels had a perfect life. She had it all. She was popular and pretty and had the best of friends. But then it all turned around. Her boyfriend broke up with her and started a terrible rumor about her. Her friend all bailed and she started getting bullied regularly. Finally it became too much. She nearly killed herself and after a long stay at a specialized hospital her parents took her and her little brother on a long vacation. Little did she know that this vacation would lead her to meet James.


2. Leaving on a jetplane

I sat down in my seat. It was by the window and next to me was my darling little brother. He adores me and I adore him. But most of the time he is a pain in the ass. Which means I taught him well. He was in another universe entirely with his face stuck to the screen of his ancient game-boy. It used to be mine and he plays all the same games that I used to play. If you haven't guessed I was sort of a tomboy. At the moment he was playing Pokémon. I smiled at the memories of when I taught him to play that. He is 7 years old but he is so tiny most people think he is younger.

I saw an old lady looking at him angrily. I nudged him to pull him back to reality. "Joey you need to switch of the sound. It's bothering people." "Oh... right..." He said and pushed the switch for the sound. I smiled and kissed the top of his head. I missed him so much. When I was in the hospital I only got to see him once a month. It had been so hard on the both of us. He smiled and went back to his game. I put in my earplugs and put on "Leaving on a jetplane." It fit the occasion. We were going to St. Croix. Probably the most uneventful island ever if you didn't like golf. But that was alright. It was exactly what I needed. Just pure relaxation. No stress no drama. Just me and my family.

My parents were in the front of the plane and we were in the last row. I looked out the window as we started to take off. It was cloudy in the airport but as soon as we rose above the clouds the sun was there. I leaned my head on the wall beside me and soaked up the suns heat. The music switched to some classical piano and I fell asleep.

When I woke up we were still six hours from our destination. We had flown from the danish main airport and the flight was 10 and a half hours long. Joey was shaking me. "Hey! I don't understand what she is saying." I laughed and looked to the stewardess. "Sorry he doesn't understand english yet. What was the question?" "I asked if he wanted beef or fish." "Oh beef." "And for you?" "Do you have a vegetarian solution?" "Yes." She said and handed us the trays. We opened them and a minute later another stewardess came to give us something to drink. "What do you want to drink?" I asked. (Note that she is danish and she speaks danish with her family) "Can I have a coke?" He asked all exited. "Yeah sure you can." I looked up and said "A coke and an ice tea please." She handed us the cans and Joey was having trouble opening it. "Here." I said taking it from him before he cut himself or something. "Thanks." He said.

The he was absorbed by the food again. After eating he fell asleep with his head in my lap. I smiled and stroked his head. He was so adorable. Especially when he slept. He looked so much like an angel and his little face was so relaxed. I found myself wishing that he would never grow up. I watched a movie on the little screen in front of me but finally gave in to sleep. But I never stopped stroking Joey. Not even in my sleep. I woke again when he stirred and switched position. I looked up to see a very handsome boy smiling at me across the aisle. I smiled back and then looked back at Joey.

I could just watch this kid forever. Unlike everyone else he never covered up things. He gave it to me straight in a way that nobody had since I came out of the hospital. People were always so careful about what they said to me and I felt that the only person I could have a normal conversation with anymore was him. I looked at the time. Half an hour to go. The plane was dropping and we were getting ready for landing. The captain gave a message that we should all buckle up and sit in the right positions and all that bullshit. As if it made a difference.

I woke up Joey and took his hand. He was fine about flying but landing? It scared him for some reason. He clutched my hand and I reached my other hand up to brush some hair out of his eyes. He closed them and hid his face in my arm. But then the plane touched down. He still didn't look up. When it was time for us to get ready to leave the plane I poked him gently in the arm. "Hey buddy. We've landed. It's time to go." He nodded and put all of his things into a little green backpack that I had made him.

On the front of the backpack there was a little special pocket that had holes in it so that his favorite teddy bears arms and legs could stick out. I design a lot of clothes and accessories and nearly my whole wardrobe is my own creations. The same goes for Joey's. Our mom used to buy him what he needed but he preferred my creations and eventually she gave in and started letting me take care of his clothes. Right now he was wearing the little striped T-shirt I had given him when I got home from the hospital. He stood up and we walked out of the plane holding hands.

Someone fell behind me and stumbled into me. I let go of Joeys hand and fell forward straight into the cute guy who was smiling at me before. But he turned around at the last second and grabbed my arms to steady me. "Are you alright?" He said in a Scottish accent. Did I mention that I'm a sucker for accents? "Yeah I'm fine. Thanks." "Anytime." He smiled and I smiled back at him once more. He looked me in the eye a tad longer than it was needed and then turned around.

When we got out of the plane our parents immediately started fussing about us. I could see that Joey was getting uncomfortable and frankly so was I. So I said loud and in a sharp voice "We're fine! We are also tired though so can we just go get our luggage and get out of here?" I love my parents but they have always been fuzzy and hysterical at times. "Yes of course." Our dad said and Joey and I led the way to baggage reclaim hand in hand. Once we had all of our suitcases we went outside and found the shuttle to our hotel "The Buccaneer".

In the hotel lobby Joey and I waited while our parents checked in. In the room our parents collapsed on their bed. They hadn't slept on the plane. "Are you tired buddy?" I asked Joey. He shook his head in response. "I think I'm gonna take him for a walk." It was still midday here. "Sure. If you need to buy anything take some money from my purse." Our mother answered and pointed to her purse on the window bench. I grabbed the small shoulder bag I had brought and filled it with a key card, my wallet (Now filled with my mother money) and my cell. We went out to discover the beach.

Joey ran around like crazy and played catch with the waves. I laughed at him and acted amazed when he came to show me some seashell or crab that he found. We collected a ton of sea shells and my bag and all our pockets were filled with them. When he had exhausted himself we went to the little beach bar on one of the hotels private beaches. We got two raspberry smoothies and sat by the edge of the water with the waves washing over our feet. I had my arm around his shoulder and he was leaning his head on my chest. "I missed you baby bro." I mumbled into his hair. "I missed you too." We sat there for a while and watched the sun go down. Then we went to collects our parents and have dinner.We walked in an shook them awake.

Later that night we were sitting in one of the hotel restaurants called "The Mermaid" waiting for our food. I translated the menu for Joey and our parents ordered. While we were waiting for our food that boy from the plane was there again. He looked at me with surprise and delight and I blushed a bit when we made eye contact but luckily for me it was too dark to see it. The restaurant was on a wooden deck on the beach under a roof resting on poles. The only lighting was from the candles on the tables and the torches that were lit around the place. We kept flirting with our eyes and stealing glances at each other until our food came. I then gave up because it is impossible for me to eat seductively. My old friend Leigha had it down to an art but sadly it was an art I did not master.

 I talked to Joey about how his Charizard had just gone up a level in Pokémon. After he had finished his desert we got up to leave and I caught the guy staring at me again. I smiled at him and left. In our room we all brushed our teeth and got into bed. I was sharing a double bed with Joey. He snuggled up to me and I hugged him close. I kissed his cheek and whispered goodnight to him. "Can you sing my song?" He whispered. Our parents were already sound asleep. Otherwise I wouldn't sing it to him. And he wouldn't ask. It was a very private thing between the two of us. I sang quietly in his ear:

The sun has gone to bed boy

It's time to do the same

Day has lived and passed boy

But will be back again

Tomorrow will come faster boy

If you go to sleep

Come and close your eyes boy

And drift into a dream

Mom and Dad are sleeping

And soon I will too

So close your eyes and sleep boy

And know that I love you

I heard his breathing slow and I knew that he was asleep. I leaned back on the pillows and closed my eyes. And just before I drifted off that boys face flashed by my inner eye.

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