A summer of a Lifetime

Julie Daniels had a perfect life. She had it all. She was popular and pretty and had the best of friends. But then it all turned around. Her boyfriend broke up with her and started a terrible rumor about her. Her friend all bailed and she started getting bullied regularly. Finally it became too much. She nearly killed herself and after a long stay at a specialized hospital her parents took her and her little brother on a long vacation. Little did she know that this vacation would lead her to meet James.


5. An unusual date...

Once again I was lying on a beach lounger when Joey came running up to me with two ice cream cones in his hands. "Jules! Jules! I got you an ice cream! Mom said that you wouldn't want one but I said you would and she gave in!" "Thanks buddy." I said and ruffled his hair." It's mint in the bottom and strawberry on top." He babbled. He was so worked up about an ice cream. It was too cute. After eating his ice cream with me he went to play in the water. Our parents were out again so I was watching him. Someone pricked my shoulder and I turned around to see a smiling face with wet red hair clinging to the forehead. James was in a tight white t-shirt which was slightly wet and see through. Which meant that I could see his abs. Before I blushed too bad I looked away from them. On his arm he held little Amy. I scooted to the side to make room for him and he sat unnecessarily close to me so that our legs touched. I smiled and turned my head again to watch Joey. He had found some fish and was now staring at them intently. I laughed and turned back to James. "Hey." I decided to be bold and after checking that Joey wasn't looking I pecked him on the lips. He smiled and put Amy on his lap facing the water. "Hey." "Where are your parents?" He asked. "No idea. Yours?" "In the hotel shop. We needed sunscreen. Amy's scottish baby skin can't take so much sun." "Oh that is so cute!" I exclaimed before I could stop myself. He gave a short laugh and said "Dress in light clothes tonight. As in light colors." He said when he saw my expression. "You didn't forget did you?" He asked. "No not at all." I had hardly thought of anything else. I tickled Amy on her tummy and she gave a delightful squeal. Babies always brought a smile to my face. It had been a part of my therapy. I volunteered in an infantry for orphans. I remembered that I had to watch Joey and jerked my head in his direction. The current had carried him out where he couldn't touch the bottom. He was panicking because he wasn't that good a swimmer. I was already up and running to the water while pulling off my cover up. But James was one step ahead of me he had pulled his t-shirt off and was already head diving into the water. He was by Joeys side faster than I ever could have been and he took him in one arm while taking strokes with the other one. When they came up from the water I ran out till I was knee deep and hugged Joey. I lead him to the shore where he coughed up some seawater. He was shaking and I put a towel around him and put my arm around his shoulders. James followed and pulled up another beach lounger. He picked up Amy and sat with her on it. "Are you alright Joey?" He nodded. "Who is he?" He asked and nodded in James's direction. "A friend." James noticed that we were talking about him and acted as if he was offended. "Hey! What are you two saying about me?" "You never know..." I teased. He laughed. It was so easy to make him laugh. "So can I buy you guys a drink?" He asked being ever so polite. "Yeah thanks. Two coked I think." I gave him a big smile of gratitude. He raised his eyebrows and asked "So you don't want a real drink? As in a cocktail?" "My brother is right here remember?" He smiled in understanding and put Amy in my lap while he went to get the drinks. "Seriously who is he?" Joey asked again. "A boy I met yesterday." I answered. "I'm having dinner with him tonight." I decided to just be honest with him. He would find out sooner or later. "So you're going on a date? Did mom and dad give you permission?" "I'm going whether they give me permission or not." I replied. He fell silent and James came back with three cans of coke with straws in them. He handed one to Joey and started talking to him. I translated for them and at first Joey was hesitant but when James got him talking about his squirtle in Pokémon he babbled so fast that I found it hard to translate everything for him. When it was time to go back to the bungalow we said goodbye and as soon as we were inside I hopped in the shower. I didn't wash my hair though. I liked how the salt in the water was making it extra curly. I put on a little makeup and then stood only in a towel. I looked at the clock. Seven thirty. James was picking me up in twenty minutes. While I was in the shower my parents had returned and they were now leaving again to go to dinner with Joey. I had cleared it with my mom so they said goodbye and left. I stood over my suitcase. Light colored clothes he said. Ha! I only had dark concert t-shirts and dark tank tops. I never wore light colors. I fuzzed about panicking over my clothes. What should I do? Then I did something I had never done before. I borrowed some of my moms clothes. I took a sand colored cardigan from her suitcase and pulled it over a dark blue tank top and a pair of jean shorts that were very short. I looked in the mirror and was satisfied. I speed brushed my teeth and got out my gladiator sandals. When I zipped up the last of them there was a knock at the door. I answered it and outside stood James looking rather dashing in a light blue button up shirt and black jeans. His red hair was scraggly and untamed and he looked like he had just jumped out of a Tommy Hilfiger commercial. Which I thought was rather sexy... His entire face lit up and I'm guessing so did mine. "Hey. You ready to go?" "Yeah." I answered and grabbed my purse. He offered me his arm and I took it marveling at the feeling of his muscles beneath my fingers. "So where are we going?" I asked. "There is a little place down the beach." He said simply. We walked down the beach for almost twenty minutes but still there were no lights from a restaurant anywhere. I started wondering but then we reached a little shack. Actually it was hardly a shack more like a tin roof on poles. Beneath the roof were tables only lit up by little candles. Hence the light clothing. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to see each other. A few other people, mostly families with small children sat around the tables on the pitch black beach. Just a few meters away were natives grilling huge lobsters. The smell was mouthwatering. We sat down in the opposite end of a table from a small family of three. The little girl had fallen asleep on the bench. You probably want to know what we talked about. Truth is I don't remember. We just talked but the important thing wasn't what he said. It was his tone of voice, it was the spark in his eye and it was his smile that never left his face. The whole night was perfect and then some. After we had stuffed ourselves with lobster we started walking back to the hotel. We had started questioning each other on favorite stuff. "Ok favorite historical person?" He asked me. "Elizabeth Richardson." I blurted out. "Huh? Who is that?" "She was an army volunteer at the invasion beaches. She worked as a confidante for the soldiers. She was really beautiful and smart and funny. She is a huge inspiration. Who is yours?" " Hard one... Charles Dickens." I nodded. We continued throwing questions back and forth between the two of us until we reached the hotel beach. It was only a bit past ten and my parents weren't expecting me anytime soon. So we kept walking and ended up at the very same place I had slammed into him on my run. We sat down. "Favorite flower?" He asked. "Either water lilies or white roses. I don't know. How about you?" "I don't really have one. It would kind of make me a poof wouldn't it?" I laughed and he smiled that wonderful smile. I heard Joey calling my name and turned to see him running to me. I stood up and brushed the sand of my shorts. Joey reached me and started rambling about some crabs or something. I acted exited and eventually he left. He was tired and my parents took him back to the bungalow but not before my dad had pointed an accusing finger at James and said "No funny business." they left and I was left to make excuses for my dad. "It's fine." James laughed. I checked to be sure that they were out of sight and leaned over to kiss him. Our lips went into sync and we scooted closer on the sand. He put his arm around me and I leaned my head on his shoulder. It was amazing. I hardly knew this guy but I already felt safe and appreciated when near him. We'd sat like this for a while when we heard music coming from the restaurant. We checked it out and it was some sort of dancing thingy. There was a band playing nothing but old classics and a lot of people dancing with each other. James looked to me for permission and I gave a slight nod. His smile got wider and he took my hand and dragged me onto the dance floor. His hand was on my waist, the other interlaced with mine. He was an alright dancer but I had taken lessons ever since I was five so I knew a hing or two. I did a little twist in the dancing and he got an astonished look on his face. "Oh and by the way? I'm awesome." I whispered in his ear. He laughed and we stayed out dancing till around three thirty in the morning. Then he walked me back to our bungalow and we stood outside the door kissing for a bit before I went inside. I shook my head to clear it and then slid in bed. I could still feel his soft lips on mine and I fell asleep smiling.

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