One Direction Imagines.

These are just a bunch of imagines, some short and some long. I will always update it so keep and eye out. There will be a variety of diffrent themed ones luke at a park or at home. Sorry if some may offend people :)


6. Zayn imagine

***NOT MINE***
You are seated on the couch, sick and helpless. “Baby do you need anything? Food, drink?” He asks. You feel like a burden to him. “Zayn. I’m sorry I should probably head home.” You cry. “And… And I think that we should take a break. I’m only a heavy burden to you.” His jaws dropped. He runs up to you and kneels and tries to stop you from leaving. “What are you talking about?! T-this… This can’t be! I love you! No! You are not a burden to me!” He stutters. “Please, don’t leave! I love you (Y/N). It seems that you don’t. You broke my heart.” He says, crying. “No no no no no! I love you Zayn!” You say. “Then why did you say we should break up? You don’t know how much I love you (Y/N) and it just kills me. If you want me to run a thousand miles for you I’d do in a heart beat. You are not a burden to me.” He says. You don’t say a word and just pull him in for a hug. “I’m sorry I said that. Thank you baby. I love you too. So much. And now I should probably let you go or else you’ll get sick too.” You giggle. “Erm, are you serious?” He says, giggling as he wipes his tears away. “I’d even do this…” He then kisses you on the lips. “And wouldn’t even care if I get sick.” He smiles. “Now, let me take you to my room and you can rest in my bed.” He says, picking you up from the couch.
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