One Direction Imagines.

These are just a bunch of imagines, some short and some long. I will always update it so keep and eye out. There will be a variety of diffrent themed ones luke at a park or at home. Sorry if some may offend people :)


4. Niall imagine

***NOT MINE***
You’ve been crying in your bed all day long. You texted him in the morning, telling him that the relationship is over. You still love him, so much even words can’t describe, but you feel that you are not good enough for him. He had the choice to date other girls but he chose you, which is, what you think, a pity on his side. He has been calling and texting you nonstop ever since the break up, but you ignore him. You weren’t expecting his presence since he’s on tour, but your family surprises you by telling you that he’s waiting outside of your house. You still locked yourself in your room, crying. Suddenly, you hear melodious voices singing from outside. They sound very familiar. They are singing ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, except it is sung in an intense and much slower tempo, with a couple of changes in the lyrics. You wince once you realize it’s him. You come out to your balcony, looking down at a pair of beautiful blue eyes that always make you fall, Niall’s. You start crying again. “Go away Niall we broke up! I don’t deserve you and you deserve to throw me out of your life and be happy with someone else!” You scream. The words shock him. He breaks into tears profusely. “No you’re special to me! You are my life (Y/N)! Without you I’m nothing!” He sobs and drops to his knees. The boys are starting to get worried. All of them try to pull him back up, but he refuses. “(Y/N), please! He loves you dearly!” Liam says. You can’t take it anymore so you run out of your house to Niall and press your lips against his.
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