One Direction Imagines.

These are just a bunch of imagines, some short and some long. I will always update it so keep and eye out. There will be a variety of diffrent themed ones luke at a park or at home. Sorry if some may offend people :)


3. Louis imagine.

***NOT MINE***
It’s amazing to think that you’re dating one of the hottest members of boybands in the world, but it does makes you feel insecure too. He always brags about you to his famous friends but you feel like there’s nothing to brag about you. “Baby I’m so lucky to have you.” He says, kissing your hand. You just put your head down, insecure. He notices the sorrow in your eyes as they both start to let out tears. “Wait, what? Why are you crying (Y/N)?” He frowns. He then hugs you tightly, not wanting to let go. “I don’t know why you want to be with me, Lou. There is clearly nothing special about me, instead all of those girls… Why me?” You weep, wetting his shirt. “What are you saying (Y/N)?! You are beautiful and you don’t know it! Why? I don’t want them! I only want you! You’re beautiful inside and out and I’m so so lucky to have you.” He starts crying too, burying his face in your shoulder. “Look, even my friends are envious! If you don’t believe, look at all of these texts sent by my friends saying how lucky I am, how they would’ve been lucky if they have known you earlier than me.” He exclaims. You start feeling better but you hate seeing him crying. “Louis please stop crying…” He looks up at you. “I’ll stop once you stop.” “Deal.” You say. He smiles and wipes the tears away from his face and also yours and kisses you.
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