My 1D Love Life

Maddie is a graduate who is working for this famous band called One Direction. She gets herself into some serious problems. Will she be able to live with all the drama? Or will she quit working for the band.


6. Why is he Jealous?

Maddie's POV

We were finally at my flat. I was so hungry, so I ate first and decided to take a shower. After I was done with my shower I wore a red and white striped shirt, red shorts, and some red Toms. I had to wear some Versace perfume!!! I love to smell good. I put my long, thick, curly, brown hair in a fishtail braid. I was all ready and fresh!! Simon texted me saying we had a lot of work to do. I went downstairs to the living room and found the guys doing a twitcam. "Boys we need to leave now. Simon wants us to get started!!" Liam was first to speak up "Maddie, come say hi to our fans!!" "Hello everyone!!! Good-Bye everyone!! I love you all!!" "BYE!!" the boys said in unision. We hopped into Harry's Range Rover, he threw the keys to Liam because Haz doesn't feel like driving. I fell asleep for some reason.. I didn't like the fact I woke up on Niall and he looked mad or something... "Hey, Nialler!!" "What's up with you and Harry??" "Well, hi to you too.. Nothing we are just friends. Why'd you ask??" "Boys I'll be right back." Niall dragged me into the janitors closet. "You guys were holding hands and being all lovey dovey!!! And you ask ME what's wrong?!?!?!" "Damn Niall we were doing an impression of the couples at my old school!! What the fuck has gotten into your pants?!?!?!" "Nothing. I'm sorry.. I was jealous. Lets get going.." "Yeah.. Let's get going!!"  Why was Niall jealous??? There is no way he likes me.... This is so weird.

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